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The problem.

Ever tried to walk a friend, family member, or customer through the process of trying to diagnose, troubleshoot, and fix a computer problem over the phone, email or via an online messenger?

Or, perhaps you're the one needing the computer help and are equally, if not more, frustrated with the situation, as you're the one without a working computer. Whether it's the back-and-forth waiting of an email correspondence, the ambiguity of instant messages, or the frustrated tone in your helper's voice over the phone, having your computer fixed remotely is certainly not a pleasant experience.

Various utilities exist that allow one person to remotely connect to another's computer, but they're often cumbersome and use insecure, open connections, requiring complicated installations and configurations that are rarely worth the trouble. Even the simplest of these programs will not work through a corporate or home firewall installed with most broadband connections.

The solution.

Copilot is a simple and inexpensive service that allows friends, relatives, and customers to help each other solve their computer problems by letting one person temporarily connect to the computer of the other over the Internet. Copilot is inexpensive, fast, easy, secure, and works with any firewall or router without any settings to configure.

How Copilot Works

While connected as a helper, you see the desktop of the person you're helping in its own window. As you move your mouse within this window, the other's mouse pointer moves, and as you type, the text appears on both of your screens. A status bar on top of the window tells you how much time is left in the Day Pass. Troubleshoot and fix your family's, friends', coworkers', or customers' computers as if they were your own. Save time and energy by not having to physically be at the problematic computer.

If your computer is the one being fixed by a helper, you'll see a dialogue box that tells you about your connection and that has a button allowing you to kick off the helper at anytime. Sit back and watch as the helper navigates your computer, seeing exactly what the problem is and taking the necessary steps to fix it. The control isn't exclusive. At any time you too can move the mouse to point something out, or to press the disconnect button. You can also use your keyboard to type in a password, or locate a specific file for the helper.

Copilot OneClick

In the same way that Copilot Classic makes ad-hoc support really easy, Copilot OneClick makes it simple to help the people you support over and over again.

Copilot OneClick is invisible in the support process. Install it once, and the person you are helping never has to do anything to receive support from you via Copilot ever again. You don't have to think in terms of invitation codes and downloads. Instead, just click the name of the computer with which you want to connect.

Whether you are helping your parents each weekend or running your corporate help desk, Copilot OneClick makes it possible for you to help people without thinking about the tool you use to support them.

Helping other people

  1. If you are new to Copilot, or just want a refresher on how Copilot OneClick works, answers to our most frequently asked questions can be found here.
  2. Setting up Copilot OneClick is a two step process. First you need to install Copilot OneClick on the OneClick computer; the good news is that you only have to do this once! Then, you need to download and run the helper on your computer. You can get the detailed installation instructions here.
  3. Once configured, your most recently used One Click computers will appear on the homepage of Copilot.Com when you are logged in.
  4. To start a connection, just click the name of the computer you want to connect to. When prompted, choose to "Run..." the downloaded helper.
  5. You can list all of your Copilot OneClick computers by clicking the "OneClick" link in the upper right corner (it appears next to the "Account" link).
  6. You can Add/Rename/Remove/Reinstall computers from there as well.

Getting help with OneClick

  1. First, check to see if Copilot OneClick is already installed. It appears as an icon near your system clock that looks like this:
  2. If it's not there, you will need the person helping you to work with you to install it. Detailed installation instructions for the person helping you can be found here.
  3. If it is there, when a session is about to start, you will be prompted to allow the connection (you don't need to do anything else).
  4. To make things really simple, you can disable the connection confirmation by right-clicking on the icon and selecting the "Disable connection confirmation" option.

Copilot Classic

There is nothing to install, no settings to configure, no usernames or passwords to remember, and no external factors to worry about. All Copilot requires is a 30-second or less download and you're ready to go. Everything is preconfigured to help the copilot and pilot connect hassle free.

To Fix Someone's Computer

  1. Go to www.copilot.com and enter your name into the homepage.
  2. Choose between purchasing a Day Pass, passing the payment on to the person you're helping, or test driving Copilot free for two minutes.
  3. You are then given a link to the Copilot download and a 12-digit invitation code.
  4. An invitation link can be automatically emailed to the person needing the help or you can read the invitation code over the phone instead.
  5. Download the Copilot program by saving it to your desktop.
  6. Run the program and wait for the other person to do the same.

To Have Your Computer Fixed

  1. Wait for a Copilot email invitation or for the helper to read you a 12-digit invitation code.
  2. If you received an email, click the included link. If instead you were given an invitation code, go to www.copilot.com and enter that code into the homepage.
  3. If the helper chose for you to pay for Copilot, you will be prompted for payment.
  4. You'll then be given a link to the Copilot download.
  5. Download the Copilot program by saving it to your desktop.
  6. Run the program and click "Yes", when prompted, to allow the helper to connect to your computer.


Copilot uses 128-bit SSL encryption, the same type of security offered by major online retailers. The 12-digit invitation code ensures that only the helper who gave it is the one connecting to the computer needing the assistance. After disconnecting, the person being helped is given the option for Copilot to delete itself so that no further connections can be made without his or her permission.

It just works.

The Copilot connection is routed through our secure servers so it doesn't matter if either person, or both, are behind office or home firewalls. You can connect quickly and easily with no external settings to configure. Copilot just works.

No commitment or easy subscription.

With a Day Pass, no registration of any kind is required. Either party can pay for the service and both credit card and PayPal are accepted. Invitation codes are treated as Day Passes that last 24 hours from the time a connection is first established. While a Day Pass is active the helper can use the same invitation code to connect to as many computers as he or she wants, as many times as needed.

Subscriptions allow those who provide frequent support a more complete option.  Signing up takes only a few minutes, after which connecting becomes even faster and easier. See www.copilot.com/signup/ for pricing plans.

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