Privacy Policy

We respect and are committed to protecting your privacy. Any personal information on behalf of Software, Inc., or the Copilot service will be used in accordance with this policy.

What information is collected?
Copilot connects two computers across the Internet through one or more servers maintained by Software. The information sent between the users of Copilot, and the servers is encrypted on both ends of the user's connection. Data obtained either by malicious users listening in on the connection, or by 's own servers, is encrypted, and thus indecipherable, and can only be decrypted by the two users of Copilot. In order to use the Copilot service one of the two users must pay for the service by purchasing a Day Pass. The information required by this purchase ("Billing Information") includes a name, billing address, credit card number, CVV number, and expiration date. An email address is also required in order to send a purchase confirmation as well as to contact the user in case of a problem with their Day Pass. The user that initiates the Copilot connection submits his or her name into the Copilot website. This name is used to notify the other user who is requesting a connection. Additionally, the initiating user has the option to notify the second user of the request automatically through the Copilot website by submitting that user's email address. Every computer that is connected to the Internet has an Internet Protocol Address, referred to as an IP address. This address does not reveal anything personal about the user and is by the service as well. Future releases of Copilot are under development to improve the service. In order to tailor these releases to users' needs, other information is collected through the users' web browsers. This information includes connection speed, operating system, web browser, and browser version. During the beta release of Copilot, users will be asked to fill out a feedback form on our website after disconnecting. This form will allow users to list any other information they'd like, including feature requests, problems, and concerns. By collecting this information we can ensure future versions of Copilot will cater to the needs of our users.

What is done with the information?
Through the credit card authorization proccess the billing information is sent to one or more financial institutions involved in the transaction. Once the payment is authorized, and a credit card is charged, the Billing Information is discarded completely from our servers. Any email addresses are used only in the scope of the previous section as well as to provide support for the Service and to notify users from time to time of new features, service enhancements, and changes made to the Privacy Policy or Terms of Use. Any IP addresses by the Copilot service are used in order to examine the website traffic, and to detect and follow up on misuse of Copilot, as well as to cooperate with law enforcement if necessary. User information with the intent to cater future releases towards the needs of our users will be stored on our computers. NO information of any kind, including billing information, email addresses, IP addresses, or version information, that is through use of Copilot will be voluntarily shared with any third party without explicit consent from the user or unless ordered by applicable state and federal laws.

What if I don't want to be notified about any features, enhancements, or changes made to anything regarding Copilot?
You may click unsubscribe on any emails sent to you to remove yourself from the notification list. Additionally you can request this by emailing

How is my information protected?
The Copilot website, servers, and Service use industry standard protocols to protect all information obtained including SSL encryption (secure socket layers), and hardware firewalls. Additionally, as stated earlier, all billing information is discarded once used.

Why and how are cookies used?
A cookie is a small piece of data sent to your web browser by a server and stored on your hard drive. Many websites leave a cookie on your machine in order to identify you should you return. Cookies can not read any data from your hard drive other than what is already included in the cookie. Cookies can not damage your system. The Copilot website stores a cookie on your computer so that you may reconnect to your other party should you be disconnected. This is also a security measure as it prevents any user who obtains your invitation code from misrepresenting you in order to gain access to someone else's computer. Your web browser will have to be set to accept cookies in order to use Copilot.

What if I have a problem relating to my privacy?
Should you have any problems, questions, or concerns relating your privacy, or this document, contact

In order to use Copilot, you must agree to the Terms of Use agreement which includes, as a subset, an agreement to this document concerning the Copilot Privacy Policy.

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