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10 best staffing agency software your firm needs in 2024

Apr 22, 2024
  • 12 min read
  • Omid G

    Running a staffing agency is valuable work. Businesses need the flexibility of temporary or contract workers to fill roles based on projects, seasonal fluctuations, and short-term needs. It’s your job to fill those gaps.

    However, if you’re working as the employer of record, you’ll have a lot of work to do. Staffing agencies need to combine HR, payroll, and admin for their contractors while also managing payments, staff requirements, and providing great service for their clients.

    Staffing agency software helps you keep on top of everything you need to run a successful business. Before we share the best options out there, let’s explore what staff agency software is and what you should look for when evaluating the right tool.

    What is staffing agency software?

    Staffing agency software is an umbrella term for applications that help staffing agencies run their business. These dedicated tools solve a range of problems, including:

    • Making the process of finding, screening, and placing clients faster and more efficient.
    • Streamlining onboarding of potential temporary staff or contractors.
    • Centralizing and organizing client and candidate information.
    • Generating and managing contracts.

    In the next section, we’ll look at the tools set you need to deliver great staffing agency software.

    What should you look for in staffing agency software?

    If you’re starting a staffing agency, or you want to boost the efficiency of your existing staffing agency firm, there are a few core features that you need to form your software stack. Thankfully, many staffing agency software tools have all of them and more.

    So, let’s look at the tools and capabilities you need to look out for so you can deliver a first-class service for your clients and candidates.

    CRM capabilities

    It’s almost impossible to consider running a staffing agency without a client relationship management (CRM) tool. If you want to provide a quality roster of candidates, you need somewhere to store all their relevant data and attributes. Similarly, a CRM helps you track important client information, allowing you to make introductions that work for everyone.

    Client portal

    Client portal software is essential for centralizing your communication so nothing gets lost across dispersed communication platforms. What’s more, it’s a great way to share files and documents, let clients track the progress of their jobs, evaluate candidates, schedule interviews, and even submit job posts.


    Solid onboarding tools are a must-have feature of staffing agency software. The nature of the work means that lots of candidates will be moving in and out of your system, with each one uploading resumes, contracts, payroll information, and other sensitive data. Onboarding tools will help smooth that process and create an excellent candidate pipeline.

    You’ll also need to get your clients all set up, which requires things like payment information, standard operating procedures, NDAs, and various other legal documents. Good onboarding features make this much easier.

    Contract and e-signature features

    Generating contracts and offering e-signature options will help ensure your clients and candidates operate within the boundaries of workplace law and compliance. Your staffing agency software should have customizable templates that allow you to build solid agreements.

    Integrations with third-party tools

    Integrations are an essential part of any modern software setup. They allow you to connect with different types of apps so you can build a workflow that suits your agency.

    Communication tools

    Facilitating a client-candidate agreement requires a lot of back and forth. You need to gather requirements, set expectations, interview candidates, and then manage payments and more. Solid and secure communication tools are vital.

    Billing & invoicing

    If you’re the employer of record, it’s your responsibility to pay staff and recoup the money from your client. Making the process as simple as possible means faster payments and improved cash flow. Billing and invoicing tools, alongside flexible payment options, are a big help.

    Automation workflows

    Automation helps you reduce delays and manual tasks. A good staffing agency software should allow you to automate workflows so things move faster for clients and candidates. Automation can help with data transfer, onboarding, payment approvals, or any other communications between you and the other parties.

    Alright, now let’s take a look at our list of the best staffing agency tools.

    10 best staffing agency software in 2024

    To be the best staffing agency you can be, you need the best staffing agency software. Here are our picks for the best tools on the market to help you find candidates and connect them with temporary work:

    1. Copilot
    2. Recruiterflow
    3. Zoho Workerly
    4. Recruit CRM
    5. TalentMesh
    6. Crelate
    7. Bullhorn
    8. Ubeya
    9. Front
    10. Notion

    Alright, let’s take a deeper look at what each platform has to offer.

    1. Copilot

    Copilot staffing agency software
    • Pricing: Starts at $29 per month (billed annually)

    While Copilot is not a dedicated staffing agency software, it comes with a mix of features that allow it to become the center of your staffing business.

    Copilot’s core strengths lie in its ability to help agencies onboard clients and candidates, centralize communication in a slick and modern client portal, and process payments. By consolidating everything in one place, agencies have a cost-effective and powerful way to manage their business, communicate securely, and share files.

    What’s more, Copilot has a bunch of different customization options. You can connect with popular software solutions, build custom apps, or use tools like Make and Zapier to build sophisticated workflows around your agency.

    With so many options and flexibility, you can automate your business processes and offer your clients an incredible experience, freeing you up to find placements that will make a difference to businesses everywhere.

    Copilot notable features

    Let’s go over some of the features Copilot users love:

    • Client onboarding: Copilot allows you to build customizable forms to onboard both clients and candidates. Staffing agencies thrive on having the right information to make meaningful and fruitful connections. With Copilots onboarding forms, you can collect resumes, skills, and experiences from candidates, as well as job specifications, salary information, and requirements from your clients.
    • Automation: Copilot’s workflow automation features streamline your candidate onboarding and information gathering. You can build custom forms, automate information capture to your CRM, and send emails and notifications to candidates and your employees.
    • Billing: The Copilot Billing App provides all the billing data you need in one place. You can also create invoices for your clients, set up subscriptions and recurring payments, and accept ad-hoc payments via an integrated payment processor.
    • Client Portal: Perhaps Copilot’s biggest strength lies in its ability to build modern, professional, and branded client portals. Running a staffing agency is a relationship business. Client portals allow you to share files and contracts securely, manage communications, integrate third-party apps, and collaborate with your clients.

    Copilot reviews

    Here’s what actual customers have to say about Copilot.

    2. Recruiterflow

    • Pricing: Starts at $99 per month per user

    Recruiterflow was launched in 2014. It’s an applicant tracking system (ATS) with CRM capabilities. It helps staffing agencies scan resumes based on keywords and conditions to find suitable candidates for specific positions while staying on top of client relationships and staffing pipelines.

    The interface is very slick, and the tools are easy to use. It’s the perfect antidote to slow hiring cycles, missed opportunities, and inefficiency in staffing issues. It also provides a shared workspace to boost collaboration and solid workflow automation capabilities.

    However, while it’s a great solution, it lacks the depth of a more dedicated ATS, and it might be a bit expensive for small staffing agencies.

    Recruiterflow notable features

    • Powerful candidates sourcing tools that scan sites like LinkedIn to find the right staff.
    • The applicant track system (ATS) helps you sort through resumes and candidates quickly.
    • Great reporting and analytics tools

    Recruiterflow reviews

    Here’s what actual customers have to say about Recruiterflow.

    3. Zoho Workerly

    Zoho Workerly
    • Pricing: Starts at $59 per month

    Zoho Workerly is a staffing agency solution from the software development powerhouse Zoho. It’s an all-in-one platform that aims to bring maximum efficiency to the staff sector.

    Workerly was built to make the staffing process as automated as possible. It allows teams to compile massive databases of clients and candidates and leverage automated tools to make the best matches. It has great communication tools to help you place candidates, track timesheets, and send invoices, alongside powerful reporting and analytics tools.

    Overall, Workerly is user-friendly, scalable, and highly customizable. However, some customers suggest it’s a bit buggy and suffers from a steep learning curve.

    Zoho Workerly notable features

    • AI algorithms to help match candidates with open positions.
    • Integration with other tools in the Zoho ecosystem.
    • Super automation workflows that keep things moving.

    Zoho Workerly reviews

    Here’s what actual customers have to say about Zoho Workerly.

    4. Recruit CRM

    Recruit CRM
    • Pricing: Starts at $100 per month

    Just like Recruiterflow, which we’ve reviewed above, Recruit CRM offers staffing agencies and ATS and CRM combo platform. It’s a powerful candidate sourcing and management solution with a big focus on automation and streamlined workflows.

    Recruit CRM is a serious tool. It has an intuitive interface, great customization options for workflows and candidate pipelines, and super contract management. It also seamlessly integrates with time tracking and payroll tools. Some of the features might be overkill for smaller agencies, who might also bulk at the monthly price of this heavyweight solution.

    Recruit CRM notable features

    • Great candidate-matching tools
    • Solid automation tools for bulk actions
    • Excellent job listing tools to help create ads and distribute them to major job boards

    Recruit CRM reviews

    Here’s what actual customers have to say about Recruit CRM:

    5. TalentMesh

    • Pricing: Free until you hire, then 7% per successful hire

    TalentMesh is a data-driven recruitment tool that focuses on inclusivity. It takes a different approach to finding the right staff by prioritizing data over subjectivity to remove unconscious bias from the selection process.

    While features like the ATS, interview scheduling, communication, and reporting & analytics are valuable, TalentMesh really stands for its customizable staff assessments. You can tailor these pre-employment tests to screen for skills, personality, and cultural fit, which can lead to more successful placements.

    TalentMesh notable features

    • Rapid selection and screening process for candidates
    • Culture and soft skills assessment provides a novel approach to candidate matching
    • Excellent analytics tools that help optimize the staffing process

    TalentMesh reviews

    TalentMesh is a relatively new tool. So far, it only has one customer rating.

    6. Crelate

    • Pricing: Starts at $99 per month

    Crelate was launched in 2012 as a solution to the fast-paced work of recruitment and staffing. It combines CRM and ATS functionality with a centralized hub to help you manage client and candidate information.

    The interface is easy to get the hang of, customer support is excellent, and the mobile app will suit staffing agencies who are on the go. The CRM could be better, but it will work for small and mid-sized agencies.

    Crelate notable features

    • Clean, modern interface that is a pleasure to navigate
    • Highly customizable reports, workflows, and fields allow you to shape the tool around your agency
    • Endless integration options with job boards, communication platforms, analytics tools, and much more

    Crelate reviews

    Here’s what actual customers have to say about Crelate:

    7. Bullhorn ATS & CRM

    Bullhorn ATS and CRM
    • Pricing: Starts at $99 per month

    Bullhorn has been providing software solutions for recruitment and staffing since the late 90s. Their ATS and CRM tool helps automate candidate and resume screening, manage candidates throughout their placement, and build and nurture client relationships.

    Another area where Bullhorn excels is in reporting and analytics. It has excellent dashboards that provide visibility into key metrics like revenue, placement rates, and time-to-fill, which can give your staffing agency the edge with data-driven decisions.

    However, Bullhorn does not come cheap — especially when compared with rival tools. Customer service issues and a steep learning curve are other downsides to consider.

    Bullhorn notable features

    • Workflow automation tools for interview scheduling and communications
    • High levels of flexibility allow you to adapt and adjust the platform around your processes
    • Seamless integration with vendor management systems (VMS) for managing and tracking staff placements

    Bullhorn reviews

    Here’s what actual customers have to say about Bullhorn:

    8. Ubeya

    • Pricing: Starts at $4 per month per user

    Ubeya is a workflow management tool that was built with staffing agencies in mind. The interface is fresh and modern, easy to use, and really streamlines temporary workforce management.

    What we love about Ubeya is its all-in-one approach to staffing. It has an applicant tracker for posting jobs and managing candidates, good communication tools, and straightforward reporting. However, where it really excels is in its scheduling features.

    Ubeya is a simple tool that’s very popular in the event staffing space. However, while it can handle payments, many users have reported serious integration issues.

    Ubeya notable features

    • Automated staff scheduling feature
    • Solid mobile app
    • Streamlined shift creation and communications

    Ubeya reviews

    Here’s what actual customers have to say about Ubeya:

    9. Front

    • Pricing: Starts at $29 per month

    Front is an inbox management tool that was built to streamline team email collaboration and customer communication. While it’s not a dedicated staffing management software, it is used widely across the sector because of its ability to support a variety of workflows.

    In essence, Front centralizes your communications into one app. However, its true power lies in its rule-based automation capabilities that allow you to trigger actions based on certain criteria. For example, if you receive an email from a candidate, you could automate an ATS scan of their resume and auto-schedule an interview.

    However, Front’s mobile apps are a bit limited, and the ATS won’t suit larger teams looking for more complexity and options, but it’s a great tool overall.

    Front notable features

    • Centralized inbox that facilitates omnichannel communication
    • Excellent automation flows that reduce manual input and boost outreach
    • Solid email templates and flexible tags to help organize candidates by skills, attributes, availability, etc.

    Front reviews

    Here’s what actual customers have to say about Front:

    10. Notion

    • Pricing: Free for personal use, then $10 per month per user

    Notion is a collaborative workspace tool that was built to bring greater efficiency to any business. It’s not a dedicated staffing agency software. However, it is adaptable enough to bring real value into the space.

    There is a lot to love about Notion. It uses an intuitive building block structure to create collaborative workspaces. This modularity lets you build around your workflow or agency and add project trackers, lists, databases, and more.

    You can use Notion to create a pipeline to manage candidates, with Notion's drag-and-drop capabilities making the process pretty simple. The templates are solid and the relation database function is really powerful.

    Overall, Notion helps you consolidate your software stack and build something that suits your particular needs. It can easily be adopted by staffing agencies, and while it might be like an ATS, it’s easy to integrate with other recruitment-specific tools.

    It’s best suited to smaller teams, but the lack of reporting features won’t suit everyone. However, despite the steep learning curve, it’s very powerful once you’ve structured your processes.

    Notion notable features

    • Fantastic database capabilities for tracking and managing candidates
    • Flexible viewing dashboards to quickly sift and sort candidates
    • Excellent integration options

    Notion reviews

    Here’s what actual customers have to say about Notion:


    Running a staffing agency is satisfying work. But it’s not without its challenges. With most jobs, you need to keep one set of clients happy. However, a staffing agency must take care of your clients and any candidates that fill vacant roles.

    The consequences of dealing with clients and customers are more admin and communication. Thankfully, there's some great staffing agency software available that helps you streamline and centralize your communication and workflows.

    Copilot is perfect for helping you onboard clients and candidates and providing a client portal to centralize staffing placement workflows and track candidate progress. You can also integrate a wide range of apps and payment processors, generate contracts and invoices, and customize the look and feel of the platform around your branding. If you want to see what Copilot can do for your staffing agency, be sure to play around with demo portal here!

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