is pleased to announce Branded Copilot, available now for free to Copilot Premium Unlimited subscribers. Branded Copilot allows Premium Unlimited subscribers to better integrate Copilot's remote help service into your own customer service process. Specifically, you can now host a Copilot entry page on your website and keep your company logo prominent as your customer's help session begins.

How Branding Works

As a Copilot subscriber, you can create a custom web page anywhere on your internet or intranet website that matches the look and feel of your own website. You can then link or direct your clients to these custom pages to start their Copilot sessions. From there, they'll go to the Copilot website, which will prominently display your logo with a link back to your website. They'll download the help application and connect from there.

  • Customer confidence — the support experience starts at your website
  • Seamless support — integrates Copilot into your email, knowledge base, and phone services
  • Brand consistency — your logo stays onscreen as your client downloads

Example of Branding Copilot

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make my own branded web page?
Just come read the tutorial. We even provide you an example page that you can modify for your needs.

What kind of logo can I use?
Any 125x86 PNG, GIF, BMP, or JPEG will do. Check the tutorial for details.

I'm not a subscriber. Can I brand Copilot?
Sorry, no. branded Copilot is only available to Premium Unlimited subscribers. We have a wide range of subscription plans, including a pay-as-you-go plan.

Can we customize more of the look-and-feel of the Copilot website?
At the moment, no. But we want to hear from you to know how to expand branding. If you would like to customize more of the experience, please drop us a line.

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