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What are the minimum system requirements for Copilot?

PC users will need Windows 2000 or later and either Internet Explorer 6 or later or Mozilla Firefox with cookies enabled to use the Copilot website. PC users who wish to use Copilot OneClick need to have Windows XP or later. Mac users will need Mac OS X 10.4 or higher and Safari, Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox with cookies enabled to use the Copilot website. A broadband connection is required.

What if the helper or the person being helped is behind a firewall?

Copilot works with any office or home firewall by automatically routing your connection through our servers.

Do I need to configure anything?

No! Copilot runs completely as is, with no settings to adjust. Your file downloads in 30 seconds or less and comes completely preconfigured to connect the helper to the person requesting the help.

Does it matter who runs the Copilot program first?

No. Either person can run the program first. Only once both parties are running the program will the connection be established.

How does the helper get the invitation code to the person needing help?

An invitation link can be automatically emailed to the person needing the help or the helper can pass on the 12-digit invitation code over the phone, IM, etc.

What if I can't connect?

Copilot will keep trying. Your credit card or PayPal account will NOT be charged until a successful connection is established.

What if I get disconnected?

Copilot will automatically attempt to reconnect.

What if I accidentally close the program and need to reconnect?

If you're the helper, you can just run the program again to reconnect. If you're the person being helped you can do the same unless you chose the option for the program to delete itself when you quit. If so, your invitation code will be saved in your browser so you can easily download the Copilot program again and reconnect. Simply return to and follow the instructions for using the remaining time in your Day Pass or Test Drive.

How many computers can the helper connect to?

With a Day pass, as long as your time has not run out, the helper can connect to as many computers, as many times, as needed. With a subscription, you can connect to as many people as you wish. Simply create a new invitation for each person you help.

How will I know how much time I have left?

If you are using a Day Pass, you can see the time remaining by checking:

  • The top of the Helper window in Microsoft Windows
  • The status bar in the Helper window in OS X
  • The center of the Host dialog box on the computer being helped

If you have a subscription, you can click on the "Account" link at the top-right corner of every page of the website. There, you will find information on how many minutes you have used and how many you have left in your plan.

My connection is slow. How can I speed things up?

The developers at Software continue to improve the performance of the Copilot service on all internet connections. Due to the fact that your connection is encrypted on both ends and may be routed through our servers in order to work through certain firewalls, the total potential for speed increase is limited. For some tips on things you can do to increase performance, try the Performance Tips page.

Does Copilot support File Transfer?

Yes, Copilot on Microsoft Windows supports File Transfer. It can be accessed through the buttons "Send File" and "Get File" on the tool bar of the helper's window. Files transfered from one computer will be saved on the desktop of the other computer.

Copilot OneClick

How do I set up a new Copilot OneClick computer?

  • You need to be logged-in to your Copilot account to create a Copilot OneClick computer.
  • Once you are logged in, start by clicking on the "OneClick" link at the top of the page. This will take you to the OneClick Control Panel.
  • Click "+ Add Computer".
  • Give the computer a name and click "Submit."
  • Choose to either download the installer now or email the host computer a link to the installer.
  • Run the installer on the computer that you want to access with Copilot OneClick. Choosing the default settings during the installation will work for the vast majority of people. If you aren't sure, don't change anything.
  • When the installation on the host computer is complete, you are all done! You don't need to reboot. You can access the computer by clicking its name on the Copilot.Com website.

How do I connect to a Copilot OneClick computer?

Simply click the link for the name of the computer that you want to connect to from the Copilot.Com website. After clicking it, you will be prompted to run the Copilot helper application just as you would if you were using the Copilot Classic service. Once the downloaded helper application starts, your session will begin after a few seconds.

I have Copilot OneClick installed on my computer; how do I get help?

Copilot OneClick appears as a green icon next to the clock in the lower right on Windows and in the upper right on a Mac. It looks like this: Icon
One thing that the person helping you might ask is if you know the name of your computer. To find that, right-click on the Copilot OneClick tray icon, and you will see an item that says:

Connected as "Geoff's Computer"

In this example the computer's name is "Geoff's Computer", your computer will likely be different. Giving that name to the person helping you will make it easier for them to start your support session.

How do I remove Copilot OneClick from a computer?

Copilot can be removed from a computer just like any other program with one special difference: if you remove your computer from your account by going to the "All Computers" page on the Copilot website and clicking "Remove", Copilot OneClick will automatically and silently uninstall itself from the computer. Alternatively, on the Host machine running Copilot OneClick:

  • On Windows: Go to Start->Settings->Control Panel and open "Add/Remove Programs". Choose Copilot OneClick and click the "Remove" button.
  • On a Mac: Drag the Copilot OneClick application to the trash.

Can I turn off the prompt that appears every time to allow the connection?

Yes. Right click the Copilot OneClick tray or menu icon and check the "Disable Connection Confirmation" option. After that, the person receiving help won't be forced to allow the connection each time they are getting helped.

Pricing Options

Free Trials

Free trials let you give Copilot a try without having to pay. The session lasts two full minutes, during which you will have full use of Copilot. To start a free trial, enter your name in the appropriate box on the homepage, and click "GO". When the website asks for a payment method, simply choose "Test drive Copilot free for 2 minutes."

Day Passes

Day passes give you unlimited access for a full 24 hours. For more information, see What is a Day Pass?


Subscriptions allow for instant access to Copilot sessions. They are billed monthly, similar to cell phone plans, but much nicer and more flexible. See How do subscriptions work? for more information.


How do subscriptions work?

When you sign up, we'll charge your credit card for one month of service. On the fifteenth day of every following month, we'll automatically charge your credit card for the monthly fee. Fees are based on the type of plan you have: Unlimited Plans or Minute Plans. The very first month will be prorated. Companies and teams can share one account, or create subaccounts whose useage will be reflected on the master account.

One Copilot user can help an unlimited number of people with any account type.

How are unlimited plans billed?

Unlimited plans are billed based on the number of Copilot user logins in your Copilot account. For example, if Geoff and Katie can each login with their own email address to your account at any point during the month, you will be billed 2X the per-user pricing. You can find a complete list of the current pricing plans here. Only one session per login may be active at a time. In other words, Geoff and Katie can both have a session active at the same time, but if Geoff shared his login with Dave, he wouldn't be able to start one as long as Geoff had his active.

How are minute plans billed?

If you have one of the older minute plans, you will be billed the monthly fee associated with that plan plus a small per-minute fee for any usage over and above what was included with the plan. Two or more people can use Copilot at the same time, and you will be charged for all the minutes that are used.. We will bill you in tenth-of-a-minute increments, rounding up your usage for each session to the nearest tenth of a minute. You are only charged for time that you are connected. At the end of each month of service, any minutes that you haven't used will expire. There is no rollover.

What type of payment is accepted for subscriptions?

All major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) are accepted for subscription plans.

What if I choose the wrong plan?

You can change plans at any time up until 11:59:59pm Eastern Daylight Time on the last calendar day of the month.

How do I change my subscription plan?

Click on Account in the top right hand corner of the page. When the page loads, find the section detailing your plan and click "Change Plan".

How do I cancel my subscription?

Click on Account in the top right hand corner of the page. When the page loads, find the section detailing your subscription plan and click "Cancel Subscription". Your last month will be prorated and any outstanding balance will be charged to your credit card.

How do Pay As You Go Plans work?

Pay As You Go Plans require a one-time $19.95 deposit. After you have paid the deposit, you can use Copilot as much as you want for just $0.25 per minute. On the first day of each month, you will be charged for the previous month's usage. As with any other plan, you can cancel or upgrade plans at any time. If you decide to cancel your plan before you have used $19.95 worth of service, the difference will be refunded to you.

Can I allow other people to access my account?

Yes, you can! You may add an unlimited number of subaccounts to your primary account at no charge. Simply click "Account," and then add additional email addresses through the "User Accounts" section at the bottom of the page. Subaccounts share their minutes with the parent account.

Day Passes

What is a Day Pass?

A Day Pass is a 12-digit invitation code that lets you use Copilot for 24 hours from the first time you connect. The invitation code is what the person who needs help uses to invite the helper onto his or her computer. The helper is given the invitation code first, but the connection is not established until the other enters the code into the website and runs the Copilot download. This ensures that you're permitting the helper onto your machine. This also lets us securely maintain and time the connection, and, in the event that the connection is lost, reestablish it by allowing access to the Copilot download again.

How much does a Day Pass cost?

A Day Pass costs $5 USD. We also support other pricing options.

Who pays for Copilot, the helper or the person being helped?

This is the helper's choice. Helpers may either pay for Copilot themselves or pass the charge onto those needing help. If the helper chooses for the other to pay, the person receiving the help will be prompted for payment after entering the invitation code into the Copilot website.

Can a Day Pass be used to help more than one person?

Yes! A Day Pass can be used by the Helper as many times with as many people as you want, as long as it's still valid. However, while multiple users can be helped with a single Day Pass, only the Helper that generated the Day Pass can use it to do the helping. This is to prevent malicious users from using an intercepted invitation code to connect to someone's computer.

What type of payment is accepted?

Copilot accepts all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover), as well as PayPal.

When does the clock start counting?

The clock begins only once the connection is successfully established.

What happens when the Day Pass runs out?

The invitation code will no longer provide access to the Copilot download, and any connection that has already been made with that invitation code will automatically disconnect.

What if I need more time?

You can purchase another Day Pass. If you find yourself doing this frequently, you may wish to consider purchasing one of our subscription plans.

Does the clock stop if I get disconnected?

The clock is not stopped when Copilot daypasses disconnect. Copilot cannot be responsible for the inherent unpredictability of network connections across the Internet. However, if a connection is lost and cannot be reestablished due to the Copilot servers being down, then you can contact Customer Service and request a replacement Day Pass.

After purchasing an invitation code, how long do I have to use it?

Your credit card is only charged after the first connection is established. Therefore, due to credit card restrictions, an invitation code must be used for the first time within 3-days of being purchased.


Is it a security risk to have the connection running through your server?

No. All the information sent is encrypted on both ends of the connection. Even if someone on our servers were "listening" to the information sent, the data would not be decipherable.

Is it possible for a malicious user to use Copilot to take control of someone's computer?

No! Copilot uses 128-bit SSL encryption and twelve-digit invitation codes to prevent any malicious users from controlling a computer without their permission. The connection is established only after the person needing help enters the invitation code that the helper provides, runs the Copilot download, and agrees to allow the helper access to his or her computer.

Why are cookies required?

Cookies are required so that you can use Copilot multiple times while your Day Pass is still valid. This is especially necessary if you delete the program and need to reconnect.

What happens to the program after I quit?

Once the person being helped quits the program, he or she is given the option for Copilot to automatically delete itself. If the person being helped chooses this option and needs to reconnect, he or she can download it again from the Copilot website. The website uses cookies to remember both parties.

Troubleshooting a Computer Remotely

What if the helper needs to press ctrl-alt-del on the problematic computer to bring up task manager?

Click the Ctrl-Alt-Delete button on the toolbar in the Helper window. On a Mac Helper, you may simply hit Apple-Control-Delete.

How do I reboot the remote computer?

You can reboot the remote computer just as you would your own (Start→Shutdown). This, of course, will disconnect you from the remote computer. To reconnect, return to and follow the reconnect instructions, and have the user you are helping do the same. Future releases will make this process easier.

The computer I'm helping has a higher resolution than mine and there are scrollbars on the helper window. How do I make the window smaller?

The helper window is designed to automatically resize itself to match the resolution of the computer you are helping. If the resolution is too large, your view of the remote desktop will be automatically scaled to fit. To explicitly lower their resolution, right clicking their desktop, click properties, click the settings tab, and lower the resolution slider.

What if I need to be the Administrator of the remote computer?

If you are using Windows XP or Windows 2000 you can run an executable as the Administrator using the "Run As..." command. More information is given at Microsoft Technet. If you need to actually log in as Administrator or are not using Windows XP or Windows 2000, you will have to have the person you are helping log in as the Administrator before you connect. There is no way for the user to initiate the connection on his or her account and then for you to switch users while staying connected. If you are connecting to a Mac, you may use the sudo command.

How can I communicate with the person I'm helping while connected through Copilot?

We recommend talking over the phone or chatting over an instant messenger service while helping someone remotely. Additionally, you may open up Windows Notepad (Start → Programs → Accessories → Notepad) on the remote computer and use that to "chat" with the person you are helping. On Mac OS X, you may use TextEdit (/Applications/TextEdit).

Can I use Alt-Tab to switch between open programs on the remote computer?

Yes. If you are a helper on a Mac and connected to a Windows machine, note that the Alt-Tab keystroke is Option-Tab.

Are dual monitors supported?

No. Only the primary monitor will be captured with Copilot. The second monitor will be ignored.

What does the person I'm helping see before we're connected?

You can see a popup with screen shots of what the person you're helping sees by clicking here.


How do I obtain the Copilot source code under the GPL?

The client software used in Copilot is built from a VNC core. VNC is protected under the General Public License (GPL). You may obtain a copy of the Copilot client source code from

Hey, where did my wallpaper go??

Copilot removes the desktop wallpaper of the person being helped only while the helper is connected. This dramatically speeds up the connection and improves the Copilot experience. Once disconnected, your wallpaper will return.

Where can I find a technical description of Copilot?

A technical description of Copilot is available on the Technical Information page.

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