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Partnership programs

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Copilot was designed for partners in mind and today there are 100s of marketing agencies and software developers that help their clients with deployment of Copilot. Referrals are available to any paying Copilot customer and you can apply to the Manage Partnership or Build Partnership programs on our partnerships page


Anyone on a paid Copilot plan can refer other businesses by navigating to the Referrals page from the main sidebar. Here you can invite businesses via email or by sharing a link, and track the amount of money you've earned from referrals. For each business you refer to Copilot, you earn 100% of the first payment (monthly plans) or 20% of the first payment (annual plans).

Manage program

The Manage Partnership is intended for marketing agencies that design, implement, and/or manage Copilot deployments for clients. The program comes with a permanent revenue share program. In addition, you get access to the Copilot partnership community, early access to new features, and increased influence over our roadmap.

Build program

The Build Partnership is intended for software developers and agencies that can build Custom Apps, set up automations using our API, Zapier, and Make, and want to be part of our developer ecosystem. As part of this program, you will be listed on our expert directory, receive leads from us, get access to the Copilot partnership community, get early access to new features, and have increased influence over our roadmap. For businesses we refer to you for custom work, you and the business can negotiate your own pricing terms.