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Copilot powers thousands of service businesses. Earn recurring commission and get leads by joining one of our three partnership programs.



The Refer Program is available to all Copilot users on a paid plan. To make a referral, click on “Referrals” on your sidebar and share your link. We’ll pay you 100% of the first payment if you refer a monthly paying customer, or 20% of the first payment if you refer an annually paying customer.



The Manage Program is intended for agencies that design, implement, and/or manage portals on behalf of their clients.

This program comes with an increased revenue share that lasts forever. In addition, there are other benefits including a Copilot partnership community, leads sharing, being listed on our partnership directory, early access to new features, and increased influence over our roadmap.



The Build Program is intended for software developers and agencies that can build Custom Apps, set up automations using our API, Zapier, and Make, and want to be part of our developer ecosystem.

This program comes with similar benefits to the Manage Program, with the main difference being that we will refer companies to you that have specifically requested features that require custom development work.


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I fall under multiple categories of partnerships?

Many of our partners do! Any paying Copilot customer can make referrals. And you can be part of both the Manage and Build partnerships programs.

Where can I ask questions about partnerships before applying?

You can get in touch with our partnerships team by emailing

How do I get paid?

The most important question! Our partnerships team manages all of this through the Copilot Partnerships portal (in Copilot 😊). There you can track deals and payouts.

Can I resell Copilot?

At this time we don't support reselling.

Is there a way for me to easily manage multiple portals?

With our workspaces feature, as long as you are added as an internal user in a portal, you can seamlessly switch between all the portals you are part of by clicking on the current portal name in the top-left.


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