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May 22, 2020

Hello World

When Covid started to affect the communities around us and decimated our existing startup, we knew we had to adapt. We were inspired to work on something that helps companies embrace going virtual because for many that will be the only way to survive and for most it will be the only way to thrive. Because services like Shopify already exist to help physical product companies transition to e-commerce, we are specifically focused on professional service companies (creative agencies, consulting firms, law firms, etc.) which we understand well and for which no great all-in-one solution exists.

We're going to stay quiet for the next few months and focus on (1) building product and (2) onboarding early access users. Nonetheless, we thought it would be great to keep track of weekly progress, which is why we started this blog.

Shoot us a message if you are interested in what we're working on or want to be an early access user. You can reach us at hello[@] 🙂


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