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August 12, 2021

Comprehensive Exports

With this release we now support CSV exports in every Portal Module, including Forms. For Forms specifically, there are now 3 ways you can export:

  • On the main Forms page, you can export the table that lists the form names, number of responses, etc.
  • When you click on the actions button for a single form, you can export all form responses for a single form.
  • When you click into a form and view a single response, you can click on the actions button in the top-right and export a single form response

Improvements and fixes

  • Added support for email updates for all users. Internal users and client users can now navigate to the Settings/Account page and update their email.
  • Added support for international characters. Characters like ä, ö, etc. now correctly show on your portal and in email notifications.
  • Improved the performances of the Messages tab. It's now 80% faster to scroll through messaging channels and to select channels.
  • Improved the new portal creation experience. There's now even more sample data including some files and a draft invoice.
  • Fixed a bug that made the Messages experience poor on Android devices.

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