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August 11, 2023

App setup improvements

We simplified the app management and app setup experience in a number of ways.

  • On the new App Setup page, apps are divided into Client Apps and Internal Apps. Client Apps are visible to your clients and your team, while Internal Apps are internal only. For example, QuickBooks is an Internal App because clients cannot see it.
  • On the Add an app page, you’ll now see a larger collection of apps with improved setup instructions. We added a prominent “Create a Custom App” option that was previously hard to find.
  • For Partner Apps with manual setup (i.e. you have to connect an embed/link manually for each client), you now only see channels when you have something connected for a client. With this update we’ve removed the notion of a “disconnected channel”.
  • For Partner Apps with automatic setup (i.e. all clients see the same embed/link), on the Copilot Dashboard we removed the secondary channels sidebar since all clients see the same thing.

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