New updates and improvements to Copilot.

February 17, 2021

Google Analytics

Added the ability to connect Google Analytics accounts. Once you've added your tracking ID on Settings/General, you can see metrics on your Google Analytics dashboard.


Improvements and Fixes

  • Added the ability use custom text blocks in the eSignature request flow. The custom block can be used for company names, addresses, etc.
  • Improved the alignment of eSignature blocks when they are added to the page.
  • Improved the intake form creation flow so that it is easier to add lots of questions.
  • Improved how quickly custom domains get connected.
  • Improved the drag & drop experience in the files module.
  • Redesigned the Settings page so that it shows in a modal.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some typed messages to disappear in rare circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug where double clicking on a signed eSignature document showed the original version instead of the signed version.
February 10, 2021

Improvements and Fixes

  • Added an audit trail page to the end of documents that went through the Portal eSign flow to meet even the strictest eSignature criteria.
  • Added empty state pages to all modules so the experience is better for internal users and client users when a module has no content (for example, no invoices or knowledge base articles).
  • Added a tooltip to the icon that indicates which invoices are part of subscriptions
  • Improved the look of headers on mobile screens.
  • Improved several small UX details in the Forms module.
  • Improved the rendering process on the messaging page; improving stability.
  • Fixed spelling mistakes for intake forms email notifications.
  • Fixed a bug where in-product messaging notifications didn't go away real-time.
February 3, 2021

Intake Forms

Following up on our eSignatures release 2 weeks ago, today we're excited to announce our next module - Intake Forms. With intake forms, collecting client information becomes quick and streamlined. Check out the 5 minute video to see how it works.

Slack community

We are grateful that so many of you have shared feedback with us - what module to build next, how to make existing modules better, etc.. This morning, we created a Slack group for everyone that wants a more direct line of communication with our team and connect with other tech-forward professionals. We're starting really small - with just 15 invitations going out this week - but we'll increase the size of the group over time.

To join the Portal community Slack group, click here.

Improvements and Fixes

  • Added the ability to set the role (admin or staff) of a team member at the time of invitation.
  • Added a send button to the Messaging channel page.
  • Added an icon on the invoices table that tells you which invoices are generated through subscriptions.
  • Added a video walkthrough to the tips card (you won't see it if you are fully setup already!).
  • Redesigned tables with better sizing, animations, action buttons, hover states, and more.
  • Redesigned tags, toggles, spinners, tooltips, and drop downs.
  • Switched to an infinite scroll paradigm for tables so that you no longer have to click through pages if you have a lot of rows. Just scroll down and new items appear!
  • Improved the experience of connecting a custom domain with real-time checks that tell if you setup was successful.
  • Fixed a bug where client users saw billing settings even when the Billing module is disabled.
January 27, 2021

Improvements and Fixes

  • Added a plans page where you can choose between monthly and annual plans and upgrade/downgrade.
  • Add a Pay button for clients on open invoices that is much more prominent.
  • Redesigned the invoice & subscription creation flows.
  • Improved the dragging experience for blocks in the eSignature flow.
  • Fixed a bug so that when the Billing module is disabled, clients don't have a payment methods section in Settings anymore.
  • Fixed a bug with the sidebar header sections.
  • Fixed a bug related to searching in the Knowledge Base module.
January 20, 2021


Since the beginning, our vision for Portal has been to give your clients one unified place from where they can do business with you. After many months of development, we’re taking a big step in that direction by introducing a secure eSignature solution that is beautifully integrated with the rest of your portal. We recorded a quick video to show you how it works.

Module Management

We’re currently in the midst of the no code movement which is making it easier and easier to customize the tools you use to run your business. With this release, you can now enable and disable modules yourself. As we move forward with eSignatures and dozens of more modules over the next few years, this is an important first step in giving you complete control over how your software looks and feels to your team and clients.


Onboarding Tips card

If you have a portal but are not yet fully setup, we now show you an onboarding tips card with links that bring you directly to the relevant pages. If you dismiss it, it will permanently be removed for you and your team.


Improvements and Fixes

  • File channels are now auto-created when you create a new client.
  • Simplified the Create Client modal so that the company field is always visible.
  • Updated two email notifications so that they work regardless of which modules you have enabled.
  • Updated the sidebar so that subsections remain selected if you are on a create page. For example, if you are creating a new invoice, "Invoices" remains selected in the sidebar.
  • Updated the user details page so that Files is shown before Invoices.
  • Fixed a bug where the user details page sometimes cached the name of a user you previously selected.
January 13, 2021

Improvements and Fixes

  • Redesigned the headers used in the produced and introduced a universal search bar.
  • Redesigned the Create pages (invoice create, knowledge base article create, etc.) with breadcrumb navigation so it is easier to navigate back.
  • Redesigned the iconography used across the product.
  • Redesigned all buttons and dropdowns.
  • Fixed a bug that caused in-product file notifications to come in delayed.
January 6, 2021

Improvements and Fixes

  • Added support for sending SVG files in messaging.
  • Redesigned the sidebar.
  • Redesigned the iconography used across the product.
  • Redesigned the success & failure snackbars that are shown in the bottom-right for various actions.
  • Various minor design improvements that improve the mobile user experience.
  • Updated the permissions for Staff Internal Users so that General Settings and Domain Management Settings are restricted.
  • Fixed a bug that incorrectly saved due dates on invoice templates.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented file notifications from being shown in the sidebar.
  • Fixes a bug that prevented a small number of users from paying invoices with ACH.
December 30, 2020

Improvements and Fixes

  • Fixed a bug on the Module Management page that prevented tooltips from working correctly.
  • Added a page that is shown to users when they try to access a page that has already been disabled.
  • Added the ability to delete open invoices.
  • Fixed various UI bugs that made spacing look bad in text-heavy areas.
  • Fixed a bug where an infinite spinner is shown when trying to connect a new custom domain.
  • Fixed a bug where the Create button is not shown on the User details page (Invoices tab).
December 23, 2020

Improvements and Fixes

  • Added support for links in messaging.
  • Redesigned the module management settings page.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some file notifications from going through.
  • Fixed a bug that caused issues with invoices that had due dates 1+ years in the future.
December 16, 2020

Custom domain management

We've added the ability for customers in our middle tier and Enterprise tier to add and manage their custom domains directly in their settings. Previously this is something we setup manually but now this functionality is available on Settings/Domains.


Real-Time CRM

Similar to recent updates that were made to the Files module, the CRM is now real-time. This means that you never have to refresh to see the latest state. If a new client is created (via direct sign up or by someone on your team), for example, the client user will just pop in at the top of the table.

Improvements and Fixes

  • Renamed the Billing module. It was previously called 'Payments' on the sidebar and is now called 'Billing'.
  • Renamed the team user management page in Settings from 'Members' to 'Team'.
  • Fixed a UI bug that made the User Details page look bad on mobile.

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