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                      Partner Apps let you connect products from other companies

                      Overview copy-icon

                      Embeds are products from other companies like Airtable, ClickUp, and Calendly. The most popular reason to set up an embed is to fully streamline the experience for clients so that clients don't have to navigate to other websites to work with you.

                      Set up a Partner App copy-icon

                      1. Navigate to the App Setup page on the sidebar.

                      2. Click on + Add an app in the top-right corner.

                      3. Select the embed you want to connect. Note that we list the most popular ones but you can always select the “Don’t see your app?” option and manually provide an embed or URL.

                      4. Add an app name and icon

                      5. Select the setup type and view type. Both are described below. 

                      6. Add the content – this can be an embed snippet or a link.

                      7. Click on Add in the top-right corner.

                        1. If you the setup type = automatic, you’re all set. If the setup type = manual, then you’ll now have to add an embed/link for each client on the next page. 

                      View Type copy-icon

                      When you set up a Partner App like Airtable or Calendly, you have a choice between showing the product embedded directly in your portal or having a link that points to an external URL. 

                      View type

                      Use case


                      When you embed a Partner App it shows directly in your portal. Generally, we recommend the embed path because it leads to a more integrated and seamless experience for clients.


                      When you link a Partner App, clients can click on the app name in your portal’s sidebar and can access the app in a new browser tab. There are a few products that don’t support embedding where you have to select the link option.

                      Setup Type copy-icon

                      When you set up a Partner App you can control whether all clients should see the same app or if each client should see something different. 

                      Setup type

                      Use case


                      Useful for when all clients should see the same content.. For example, if you want all clients to see the same Calendly scheduling page, you can set that up in a single step using automatic setup. 


                      Useful for when each client should see different content. For example, if each client has their own Airtable project status board, , use the manual setup option. 

                      You can see a full list of popular embeds on our app directory page or by navigating to the App Setup > Add an App page in the Copilot Dashboard. 

                      Use case

                      Recommended apps

                      Let clients track project progress

                      Airtable, ClickUp

                      Let clients schedule meetings


                      Let clients see dashboards

                      Power BI