Fog Creek Copilot

Receive help with your computer:

  1. Enter your invitation code and click "Go"
  2. Click the link to download the Copilot Host
  3. Run Copilot and allow the helper to connect

Help someone with their computer:

  1. Enter your name and click "Go"
  2. Email the person you are helping
  3. Download and run the Copilot Helper

What is Copilot?

Copilot helps you fix someone's computer problems by letting you connect to their computer, see what they see, and control their mouse and keyboard to help fix the issue.

There is nothing to install, and nothing to configure—even if your computer is behind a firewall, proxy, or NAT. It's secured by 128-bit SSL encryption, and we preconfigure everything for you to make sure that it just works.

Introducing Copilot OneClick

Copilot OneClick is a new feature that makes it even easier to support the people you help most often. Install Copilot OneClick once, then connect to their computers with just a single click. Whether you are helping your parents each weekend or running a corporate help desk, Copilot OneClick makes it possible for you to help people quickly without them having to do a thing.

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