Copilot Brand Guidelines

Resources for presenting the Copilot brand consistently and professionally.


“Copilot” is a single word that is always spelled with a capital “C”, lowercase “p”, and without a dash. It is the brand name of our company and product. The company legal name is Copilot Platforms Inc.


The Copilot wordmark should be used in all references to Copilot as space allows. Monochrome usage is also acceptable, preferably using the brand colors below.


For tight layouts or logo-only grids, the Coplilot logomark is a concise way to refer to Copilot. Use with good judgment for your audience, as the Copilot wordmark has a stronger brand recognition.

Company icon

When referring to Copilot as a company, such as on social media, or where a “chip” design is required, it is acceptable to use this stylized icon with an appropriate corner radius.


Copilot’s primary brand color is a cool green that’s been slightly desaturated and darkened.







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