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Starter, Professional, Advanced, and Supersonic


You can see a complete breakdown of plans on the pricing page.


The Starter plan is intended for freelancers and small businesses that are just getting started. The plan comes with 50 clients and 50GB of storage. All plans, including this one, come with full access to all Copilot Apps which means that the Messaging App, Billing App, Files App, Contracts App, Forms App, and Helpdesk App are included. Starter is $29/mo on annual plans and $39/mo on monthly plans.

The Professional plan comes with support for up to 500 clients and 500GB of storage. In addition, you get custom domains, access to the Copilot API (including Zapier and Make support), and support for Partner Apps and Custom Apps. Professional is $69/mo on annual plans and $89/mo on monthly plans.

The Advanced plan comes with support for up to 5,000 clients and 5TB of storage. In addition, you can remove the ‘Powered by Copilot’ badge, get HIPAA compliance, onboarding assistance, and priority support. Advanced is $119/mo on annual plans and $139/mo on monthly plans.

The Supersonic plan comes with support for up to 10,000 clients, 10TB of storage, and comes with 20 internal user seats included. In addition, you can distribute the internal user seats across multiple workspaces, get 500% higher API call limits, and get a dedicated success manager. Supersonic starts at $1,500/mo and has an annual contract.


How the trial works:

You can start a free trial anytime on our website and no credit card is required. The free trial lasts 14 days, and in the top of Copilot Dashboard you can see how many days you have remaining. You will also receive emails that notify you when your trial is about to end. 

Features you have access to:

During the trial you have full access to all features, including the ability to connect a custom domain and custom email domain. Once your trial is over, you will need to upgrade to the Professional plan to keep any custom domains.

What happens after the trial expires:

At the end of the trial, if you would like to continue using Copilot you will be asked to select one of our paid plans. If you do not switch to a paid plan, your portal will be deleted 4 weeks after your trial ends.