Export messages that have been sent in the Messages App.

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It should be easy to get data into Copilot, but we also want it to be as easy as possible to get data out for backup, legal reasons, and even if you decide to migrate away from us. The Exporter App is an internal-only app that allows you to seamlessly export data directly from your Copilot Dashboard.

Note: The Exporter App currently only lets you export full message histories in CSV or PDF format. In follow-up improvements, we’ll incrementally add other data to export.

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  1. Go to App Setup, and click + Add an app in the top right corner.

  2. Select Exporter in the Internal Apps section

  3. Set a title and icon that represents the app and then Click the Add button on the top right.

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Setting up your Exportercopy-icon

Export format

Select the format you want to export your data as. For Messages exports, you have the option to export to CSV or PDF formats.


Select the client or company channel you wish to export data for. Currently, you can only export data for one client or company channel at a time.

Sender user type

For Messages exports, you can select the Sender user type. This can be used to export messages from internal users, client users, or both internal and client users.

Sort order

You can set the sort order to either Ascending or Descending by date.


Here you can select the date range for the export. The current options are:

  • Last 7 days

  • Last month

  • All time

Viewing your exportscopy-icon

Exports will automatically be downloaded to your Downloads folder in the format selected under Export format.



Apps are tailor-made for Copilot platform and typically come with rich functionality including notifications.

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Internal-facing apps are only visible to your internal team.



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