Automatically send your Copilot invoice data into QuickBooks.

Overview copy-icon

The QBO integration is a one-way sync from the Copilot Dashboard to your QBO account. Once an invoice is created, a matching invoice and customer (if the customer doesn't yet exist) is created in your QBO account.

If the customer already exists in your QBO account, the invoice sent to the client in your portal will be matched to the customer in QBO.

From there, changes to the invoice and payments are tracked and sent to your QBO account. Each line item in an invoice is associated with the default Sales service set up in your QBO account.

Note: This is a one-way sync. Invoices created directly in QBO will not appear in the Copilot Dashboard.

App setup copy-icon

  1. Go to App Setup, and click + Add an app in the top right corner.

  2. Scroll down to the Internal Apps section and select QuickBooks

  3. This action will redirect you to the QBO sign-in page. Enter your credentials to log in.

  4. Once logged in, you'll return to the Copilot portal with a confirmation pop-up indicating a successful connection.

Testing the Integration

  1. Create a test invoice in Copilot for a test client to verify the sync functionality.

  2. After creating the invoice, visit your QuickBooks account to confirm that an invoice was created there.

Additional Information copy-icon

  • Syncs into QBO happen instantaneously on:

    • Invoice creation

    • Invoice payment

    • Invoice voiding

  • When an invoice is created, the sync tries to match the client to an existing customer in QBO

    • The match is based on email address. If an existing QBO customer matches the email address, then the invoice will be issued to that customer.

  • If a client doesn’t match a customer in QBO, we create a new customer in QBO.

    • Note: if there’s already a customer with a Display name that matches the client name in Copilot, the sync will fail! QBO requires unique Display names.

  • When an invoice is voided in Copilot, we delete it in QBO.

  • The invoice number created in Copilot will not transfer over to QBO.

    • If the “Custom transaction numbers” setting is turned on in QBO, QBO will generate a new invoice number.

    • If the setting is turned off, invoices imported from Copilot won't initially have a number assigned. In this case, you have the flexibility to manually add the invoice number generated in Copilot in QBO.



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