Go beyond Copilot's standard features and connect apps to streamline the client experience even more.
Go beyond Copilot features and connect apps you already use like Airtable and Calendly

Home pages

Create intuitive and personalized home pages. Whether it be welcoming clients, giving them directions, or assigning tasks— a home page can start providing a frictionless experience the moment clients log in.

Configure which client can see which apps.

Connect embeds visible to all client

In a single step, connect an app embed that is visible to all of your clients. For example, connect a Calendly meeting embed to streamline scheduling.


Connects different embeds for every client

Connect embeds per client if every client has their own unique view. For example, connect a project status dashboard from Airtable for each client.


Explore the most popular apps.

There are unlimited ways to start saving time and money by automating your workflows. Here are some of the most popular.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences among Client Apps, Internal Apps, and Custom Apps?

Client Apps are visible to client users. For example, you can connect an Airtable project status board or a Calendly booker if you want to give clients access to these products.

Internal Apps are not visible to client users and generally help you streamline internal operations. For example, you can connect QuickBooks if you want to automatically sending billing data to your QuickBooks account.

Custom Apps are web applications that you can embed into your portal and that receive authentication information about the currently logged in client or internal users. A Custom App may be client-facing or internal-facing.

When setting up a Client App, what's the difference between manual and automatic setup?

With manual setup, you are manually specifying what content is shown for a client, group of clients, or company. For example, if you are sharing project status dashboards from Airtable, you will likely want to use the manual setup method since every client has a different dashboard.

With automatic setup, you can show content to all clients or all clients that meet certain criteria. For example, if you want to show all clients a Calendly scheduling page, you will likely want to use the automatic setup method so that you don't have to repeat the setup process for each client.

Can I embed a Client App that is not listed?

You most likely can. Since a Client App is just an embedded web application, most modern products are supported. In the Copilot Dashboard, just select the option "Don't see your App?" and we'll guide your through setup.

Can you build a Custom App for us?

Custom Apps can be built by anyone. If you need external help with a Custom App, we can introduce your to a partner agency that is familiar with our API. Please get in touch with our team to discuss.

Can I add a Client App that doesn't support embedding?

There are some products which don't support embedding. In this case, when setting up your Client App, select the option "Connected as link" instead of "Connected as embed (recommended)". With this option, when your client clicks on the Client App in your portal sidebar, a new tab will open with the provided URL. While this option is less integrated, it works with every product.


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