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15 best accounting blogs you should be reading in 2024

May 16, 2024
  • 11 min read
  • Omid G

    Keeping up with the latest trends, software, and laws that govern the accounting world is a lot of work. If you’re a small business owner, learning about keeping your books in order can be a bit overwhelming, especially when you’ve got a lot of other tasks on your plate. Even experienced accountants struggle to deal with all the new announcements and initiatives within the profession.

    Getting access to news and information you can trust doesn’t need to be a huge chore. There are lots of solid publications and accounting firm websites with a commitment to demystifying the profession. But how do you know who to listen to?

    Thankfully, we’ve done the hard work for you by curating the 15 best accounting blogs out there today. Each blog on our list provides something valuable, whether that's accounting tech reviews, breaking news, or the insights and best practices you need to become a better accountant or a more informed business owner.

    Is accounting still in high demand?

    If you turn open a newspaper or scroll through social media feeds, you may believe that artificial intelligence is on the cusp of replacing accounts. However, if you peer behind the scaremongering and clickbait headlines, the reality is a bit more complex.

    Sure, AI will have a real and lasting impact on accounting. However, it will augment rather than replace accountants outright. Indeed, a recent report by the Institute of Management Accountants suggested that there is a shortage of skilled accountants right now. Despite the availability of cutting-edge technology, there is still a lot of demand for skilled bookkeepers and accountants.

    Another factor to consider is that the accounting workforce is aging. As these experienced professionals reach retirement age, more positions will open up. Indeed, some experts suggest that the US will have a 140,000-person shortfall of accountants by 2027.

    In short, as long as there are business and taxes, accountants will have jobs. Automation will make accountancy more efficient and even cut down the long hours traditionally associated with the industry. The upside here is that accountants and small business owners will have more time to spend on strategy and other value-driven tasks. 

    15 best accounting blogs to follow in 2024

    The impact of AI and the ongoing demand for qualified accountants are just a few of the hottest issues in the space. Evolving regulations, the best software tools, and the changing needs and requirements of clients are other important matters that you need to keep on top of.

    Accounting blogs offer readers direct access to experienced professionals' and thought leaders' opinions, best practices, and advice.

    Here are the 15 best blogs you need to read:

    1. Jason Staats
    2. Future Firm
    3. Journal of Accountancy
    4. LongTerm CPA
    5. Blake Oliver
    6. The New York Times: Accounting
    7. Financial Times
    8. Going Concern
    9. Insightful Accountant
    10. Firm of the Future
    11. J.A. Rodriguez CPA
    12. Gary Mehta
    13. Financial Cents
    14. Baker Tilly blog
    15. The IRS blog

    Alright, let’s take a look at each blog.

    1. Jason Staats

    Jason Staats' blog

    Jason Staats is a chartered accountant with an insatiable appetite for the future. His newsletter, What's Next For Accounting?, is a weekly treasure trove of news about tech and related topics that will shape the industry over the next few years.

    With years of posts archived on his site, covering a wide range of subjects, you’ll never be short of some inspiration or an interesting take. What makes What's Next For Accounting? particularly valuable is its focus on the business aspects of running a practice, including advice about business models, subscriptions, and other less traditional revenue models.

    What’s more, Staats also has a YouTube channel and a podcast, and he’s even dipping his toes in TikTok if you’re looking for some bite-sized accounting takes. If you want to stay on top of the best accounting tech — and you really should if you want to future-proof your business or agency — Staats is the man to follow.

    2. Future Firm

    Future Firm

    Ryan Lazanis is a CPA who started a cloud accounting firm before the concept was widely known. Within five short years, he sold his business for seven figures. These days, he helps accounting firms become more efficient so they can achieve that mythological work-life balance that everyone’s always talking about.

    While Ryan obviously has a lot of accountancy knowledge to share, the main thrust of his bi-weekly newsletter is about how to generate leads, improve your workflow, and build predictable revenue through subscription business models.

    If you need tips on marketing, choosing the right software, the most effective ways to delegate tasks, or practical insights on exceeding client expectations, Future Firm is essential reading.

    3. Journal of Accountancy

    The Journal of Accountancy

    The Journal of Accountancy is a venerable publication that first appeared in print shortly after the turn of the 20th century. While it’s still available in hard copy, the magazine produces a lot of online content and blogs from CPAs, accountants, and financial professionals.

    The primary aim of the content is to keep accountants up to date on changes to tax regulations, industry news, and practice management. While it’s definitely focused on the more technical end of the profession, it’s full of practice advice that you can implement.

    The Journal of Accountancy blog is updated regularly, and they also have a great podcast if you prefer to get your news, updates, and insights while you’re commuting or out for a run.

    4. LongTerm CPA

    LongTerm CPA

    LongTerm is an LA-based CPA firm run by Kenneth Nguyen. They help local businesses with tax planning, but they also provide some excellent tax advice and information for individuals, e-commerce brands, brick-and-mortar businesses, and the service industry.

    Nguyen styles his content as a fun read, which takes a break from some of the more dry and academic blogs on the subject. But make no mistake, just because he uses a light tone, it doesn’t mean that the information is basic. Instead, each blog is short and punchy, but full of information that can help you run a more tax-efficient business.

    5. Blake Oliver

    Blake Oliver

    Blake Oliver is a well-known and trusted voice in the CPA industry. He co-hosts the popular Accountancy Podcast and authors an excellent weekly newsletter. However, we are here to talk about his blog, which is full of great content with a particular focus on accounting technology.

    Readers of the Blake Oliver blog can really tap into his expert takes on accounting issues, marketing, and making the most of new or emerging tax software. What we love about his blog is his easy-to-read and humorous writing style.

    So, if you’re a forward-looking accountant or business owner and you want to keep up to date with matters at the bleeding edge of the industry, the Blake Oliver blog is unmissable.

    6. The New York Times: Accounting

    The New York Times accounting section

    While The New York Times doesn't have a dedicated accounting section, you can easily access articles on the topic via their website. Yes, it’s not the most frequently updated blog, but everything they post is first-rate, in particular, the long reads on big issues.

    As you might expect from the NY Times, the writing and reporting are thorough and detailed. The archives are a valuable source of information on accounting, and in particular, accounting crime. If you’re looking for a solid analysis of the major stories of the day, the NY Times accounting blog delivers.

    7. Financial Times

    Financial Times

    The Financial Times is another news institution with superb accountancy coverage. Just like the NY Times, they typically focus on current events. However, there is a lot of great information and analysis for new and veteran accountants alike.

    Again, the depth of understanding and research is what sets the FT blog apart from its rivals. Whether it’s news about the Trump trial, Evergrande’s implosion, or financial scandals across the world, you can rest assured that FT will cover it in a balanced and intriguing way.

    8. Going Concern

    Going Concern

    Going Concern has been operating in the accounting space for a long time. In many ways, they have single-handedly dismantled the perception that accounting is dull thanks to its sharp, erudite, and occasionally snarky take on industry news. They’re also known for some excellent investigative reporting.

    While the tone might not be for everybody, Going Concern takes its work seriously. There is a lot of insider news and top-notch analysis to help you stay up to the minute on what’s happening across the industry, including new tax and accounting regulations. If you like biting satire and no-nonsense takes with your coffee in the morning, you’ll love Going Concern.

    9. Insightful Accountant

    Insightful Accountant

    Insightful Accountant is a quality publication that aims to keep SME Advisors up to date on the happenings and technology within the accounting world. The experienced team has a mix of publishing and accounting credentials that help them offer excellent reporting and insights on popular software from Intuit, Xero, and Sage.

    Perhaps the most compelling reason to read Insightful Accountant is the sheer variety of content they publish. Through their website, newsletter, and podcast, they ensure advisors have access to breaking news, practice management tips, software best practices, and the newest tech that is shaping up the industry.

    Overall, the Insightful Accountants blog is a great read for small business owners and accountancy advisors who want to learn about marketing, operational efficiency, and all the latest tax scams blighting the economy.

    10. Firm of the Future

    Firm of the Future

    Firm of the Future is a website from Intuit, the business behind QuickBooks. Their blog is a repository of fantastic insights for accountants and bookkeepers that go beyond just helping to get the most from QuickBooks. Some of the subjects covered include accounting technology reviews and thoughts on how you can adopt them within your own practice.

    However, the most valuable content on the site comes in the form of fantastic and authoritative thought leadership articles. These pieces blend theory with practice and provide insights into key trends in accounting and other tips related to practice management, work-life balance, and interviews and profiles.

    It’s easily one of the best accounting blogs out there, and the archives are packed with wisdom and best practices that will keep you coming back for more.

    11. J.A. Rodriguez CPA

    J.A. Rodriguez CPA

    The J.A. Rodriguez CPA website has a resource library with hundreds of blogs that focus on accounting. However, what marks out the site is the human approach they take. For example, you can find articles with advice on health and well-being, being active, and avoiding burnout, as well as information about preparing for retirement, personal finances, business growth, and more.

    The blog does have lots of great advice on accounting and bookkeeping. However, it’s probably more geared towards entrepreneurs and small business owners who need to learn the basics of running and growing a business. What we like best about the blog is that it simplifies tax concepts into practical and easily digestible articles.

    It’s current, conversational, and, best of all, it understands the problems that small business owners face and sets about trying to solve them. There really is something here for every business owner, so ensure you give it a read.

    12. Gary Mehta

    Gary Mehta

    Gary Mehta is a New Jersey-based CPA. While his blog might not be updated as frequently as other sites on our list, the content is reliable and thoughtful and a great way to keep up on relevant tax changes.

    Some of the best advice comes in the form of articles about basic tax concepts, making the blog a go-to place for individuals and small business owners struggling to get their heads around tax. There are also great insights for managing and preparing for tax season, with solid tips on deductions and credits.

    Mehta’s firm operates in New York and New Jersey, which means some of his advice is squarely focused on that jurisdiction. However, some of the other articles take a wider view, meaning there is a lot to learn for everyone.

    13. Financial Cents

    Financial Cents

    Financial Cents is a popular practice management solution for accounting teams. However, they also have an excellent resource center that contains excellent information that helps you get the most from the software and learn about all things accounting.

    The blog is stuffed full of templates and accounting workflows that can boost your practice efficiency, alongside top tips on marketing and general practice management.

    You don’t need to be a Financial Cents customer to get a lot from this blog. It’s lucid, helpful, and full of the sharp insights you need to grow and develop as an accountant. What’s more, they also provide an excellent podcast with great interviews and regular webinars on subjects like automation and workflow optimization.

    14. Baker Tilly blog

    Baker Tilly blog

    Baker Tilly is a top 10 US accounting and tax advisory firm. Their website is chock full of insights into accounting from some of the brightest minds in the industry. It’s one of the best accountancy blogs because it’s regularly updated and full of advice that you can trust.

    Some of the topics covered on the Baker Tilly blog include tax strategies, audit and accounting best practices, technology, business growth, and economic analysis. The writing is punchy and compelling and full of the sort of in-depth knowledge and experience that you just won’t find lying around anywhere.

    If you’re a business owner, an accountant, or a thought leader in the financial space, you’ll love the deep dives on the Baker Tilly blog. They cover a lot of different niches, too, so no matter what your business is, there will be some expert insights for you to uncover.

    15. The IRS blog

    The IRS press release newsroom is the best source of news and updates about tax, straight from the horse's mouth. While many of the blogs listed above will provide context and insights into what’s happening at the IRS, if you need up-to-the-minute information, you’ll find it in the newsroom.

    While tax changes and seasonal updates are a big part of what you can find here, the most valuable content centers around announcing initiatives and some excellent articles on emerging scams.

    If you’re a small business owner or an accountant, you need to stay on top of ever-changing developments within the space. The IRS blog, while occasionally a little dry, is full of the information you need to navigate the world of tax, making it an essential resource.


    It’s not easy to keep up to date on everything happening in the accounting industry. However, many of the best accounting firm websites have blogs that allow you to access insights, advice, interviews, and reviews.

    So bookmark these blogs or subscribe to their newsletters so you can take your learning and development to the next level.

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