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Agiled vs SuiteDash: An honest comparison for 2024

Apr 26, 2024
  • 10 min read
  • Omid G

    Service business owners face a unique and challenging set of challenges in 2024. The rise of communication tools has made competition fiercer than ever. What’s more, gloomy economic forecasts have spooked consumers, meaning retaining and winning new clients takes more time and effort. Sadly, a lot of that exertion comes at the cost of providing the service that you’re trying to sell.

    So, what should service business owners do in this difficult environment? Throw their hands in the air and just give up? No way.

    Instead, they need to get the bit between their teeth and fight back by investing in tools that make managing projects, client relationships, and payments much easier.

    Thankfully, there are a bunch of great tools that were built to solve these problems. Two of the best are Agiled and SuiteDash.

    This article will take a deep dive into both products to see how they can help you transform 2024 into your most efficient year ever.

    Brief overview of Agiled vs SuiteDash

    Before we get deep into features, use cases, pricing, and customer support, here’s a quick and easy rundown of the tools that we’re putting under the microscope today.

    Agiled for service businesses

    Since it was launched in early 2020, Agiled has set about solving common problems facing freelance business owners, namely dealing with the cost and complexity of fragment software stacks, managing customer relationships, and ensuring projects are completed on time.

    Its solution to these ills is providing a CRM, project and financial management tools, and solid proposal and contract functionality. It’s a very user-friendly tool with a big focus on small businesses and solo entrepreneurs.

    SuiteDash for service businesses

    SuiteDash is a more established tool. It was started by Mike Lambert, who at the time was the owner of a digital marketing agency. He spotted a big gap in the market for an all-in-one business management tool that could consolidate software stacks, centralize the client experience through portals and secure communication, and increase business efficiency with collaboration tools and workflow automation.

    Copilot for service businesses

    Both tools are good options for managing your business. But they’re not your only choice for streamlining your process and boosting the client experience. Copilot offers a robust set of features that boost the client journey thanks to excellent onboarding, client portals, secure messaging, file-sharing, and excellent self-service options.

    But more about that later. For now, it’s time to see which platform comes out on top in our Agiled vs SuiteDash comparison.

    Agiled vs SuiteDash: Top features comparison

    Running your service business requires a good blend of tools for client onboarding, project management, communication, and payments.

    Let’s look at how Agiled and SuiteDash compare on features.


    Integrations are a great way to extend the functionality for centralized platforms, connect to your favorite apps, and customize your workflows.

    • Agiled integrations: Agiled offers integration to a range of apps like Zoom, Teams, HubSpot, Asana, Stripe, PayPal, and more. It also lets you connect via Zapier, API, and webhooks.
    • SuiteDash features: SuiteDash offers connections to WordPress, PayPal, Stripe, Twilio, and Microsoft. It’s a bit less flexible than Agiled and less suitable for customizable workflows.

    Client portals

    Client portals are a great way to centralize client communication and collaboration. They’re essential for services with complex client interactions.

    • Agiled: Agiled’s client portal is polished and modern. It’s white-label, meaning you can add your own branding. Overall, it’s more functional than spectacular.
    • SuiteDash: SuiteDash offers a dynamic and secure client portal with lots of customization options. However, the portals lack the visual impact of Agiled or Copilot’s options.

    Invoicing/billing tools

    Service-based businesses need flexible payment options and integrated billing to ensure they keep their cash flow in check.

    • Agiled: Agiled has streamlined payment functionality and, as mentioned earlier, integration with PayPal and Stripe.
    • SuiteDash: SuiteDash offers more advanced payment options, excellent time tracking, and recurring payment options, which are huge pluses for service business owners.


    Contracts help you secure client agreements and set clear expectations for service. Get them wrong, and you’ll put your business at risk.

    • Agiled: Agiled lets you build contracts and get them signed electronically. Basic but effective.
    • SuiteDash: SuiteDash’s contract and proposal functions are superior. They offer customizable templates, dynamic lead capture, e-signatures, and automated contract workflows.

    Messaging and email notifications

    Centralizing client communications helps you track everything so nothing important gets missed.

    • Agiled: Agiled provides email notifications, direct messaging, and task comments within their client portal.
    • SuiteDash: SuiteDash provides strong messaging options through the client portal, including automated email responses, individual or team messaging, and live chat options.

    Document uploads and storage

    Centralizing document storage and sharing means you can say goodbye to email threads.

    • Agiled: Agiled lets you store, host, and share files for clients and employees.
    • SuiteDash: SuiteDash provides superb dedicated document management and storage areas.

    Client CRM

    A good CRM helps you monitor and understand your clients and leads.

    • Agiled: Agiled offers a limited and lightweight CRM that allows you to store client details, track leads, and send contracts.
    • SuiteDash: The SuiteDash CRM has significantly more robots and allows for greater personalization, segmentation, and complex contract management.

    Client intake forms

    Client intake forms let you collect the information you need for successful projects and deeper personalization.

    • Agiled: Good templates and lead capture features. However, you’ll need to shell out for some third-party integration tools if you want more complex functionality.
    • SuiteDash: You can build forms within the system, but the customization options could be a bit better. One area we’d like to see improved is direct integration with workflows.

    Helpdesk/knowledge base

    Customer self-service options are important for service clients.

    • Agiled: Has a simple wiki but lacks helpdesk features without third-party integration.
    • SuiteDash: Provides access to a solid knowledge base creation and built-in help desk features.

    Overall, SuiteDash comes out ahead with a more robust and mature set of features; however, if you’re looking for a tool that does just as much as SuiteDash but with more customization options and a better interface, you need to explore Copilot.

    Agiled vs. SuiteDash: Use cases comparison

    While Agiled and SuiteDash have a lot of similar features, they are aimed at slightly different segments of the market. Let’s look at use cases and typical customers to tease out which tools are best for your business.

    Agiled use cases

    Agiled use cases
    • It works for freelancers with multiple clients because its client portals give you project management oversight and awareness of your finances.
    • Good for smaller agencies with a focus on providing excellent client experiences.
    • Solid options for teams with large software stacks that want a tool to centralize everything.

    Agiled is best for anyone who wants a clean, simple interface, solid onboarding, and seamless integration possibilities.

    SuiteDash use cases

    SuiteDash use cases
    • Powerful choice for agencies who want control over the entire client journey, from capturing leads to communication and project management.
    • A great choice for businesses that need control and customization options to suit a unique workflow.
    • Ideal option for fast-scaling businesses that can grow into their platform without switching tools.

    SuiteDash is for teams that want a true all-in-one platform to handle clients effectively. It’s a more complex tool than Agiled, so it requires an investment of time to fully understand and become competent in all its features.

    Agiled vs SuiteDash: Pricing comparison

    Agiled and SuiteDash have many crossover features, but as we’ve demonstrated, SuiteDash offers a bit more functionality and complexity.

    Agiled pricing

    Agiled pricing

    Agiled offers four pricing tiers, which are Basic, Pro, Premium, and Business.

    While the Basic tier is very limited, it is Always Free, and it can work for very small service-based freelancers and agencies.

    The Pro ($30 per month) tier offers more users and CRM, project management, and contract and invoice functions.

    Premium ($59 per month) is required to unlock automation workflows, subscriptions, a wiki page, API access, and integrations. Finally, Agiled’s highest tier, which is called Business ($99 per month), offers accounting features, white-label client portals, payroll, webhooks, and priority support.

    SuiteDash pricing

    SuiteDash pricing

    SuiteDash does not offer a free version. It has three tiers: Start, Trive, and Pinnacle. The Start plan ($19 per month) gives you a CRM, white label portal, custom web apps, and email marketing campaigns. However, it limits your team to 100GB of file storage.

    The Thrive tier ($49 per month)  has all that, plus more customization options, better marketing outreach, live chat, and 500GB of storage.

    Finally, the Premium tier ($99 per month) adds workflow automation, support features, a learning management system, and 2TB of storage.

    Overall, both tools offer enough flexibility of options for freelance and service agencies of different sizes and stages. Agiled’s free version is a nice touch, but it’s unlikely to be sufficient for most individuals or teams, at least if growth is a concern.

    When compared to Agiled and SuiteDash, Copilot has incredibly competitive plans when you consider the ratio of features you get for your subscription.

    Copilot's pricing plans

    Copilot’s Starter tier ($29 per month) provides forms, messaging, contracts, proposals, and a help desk. What’s more, mid-sized teams can take advantage of the Custom tier and unlock higher API limits, 20TB of storage, and super low payment processing fees, and much, much more. Explore Copilot's pricing here.

    Agiled vs. SuiteDash: Pros and cons comparison

    You need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of a product to make a truly informed choice. Let’s break down the pros and cons of Agiled and SuiteDash.

    Agiled pros and cons


    • Clean, sleek user interface that makes using the product a pleasure. The layout is excellent, which makes the product really intuitive.
    • The core features are perfect for simple client and project management.
    • The Agiled mobile app is excellent and perfect for service business owners who are on the go.
    • There are good integration options with popular calendars, automation, and payment tools.


    • While it’s a very user-friendly tool, it lacks the complex features of its competitors.
    • It’s not as cost-effective for some freelancers or agencies who need a robust set of features for their subscriptions.
    • Forms and workflow customization could be better.

    SuiteDash pros and cons


    • SuiteDash packs a huge range of features into one tool, including a CRM, client portal, project management, marketing automation, and LMS.
    • Lots of customization options for forms, workflows, and automation, meaning you can bend and shape SuiteDash around your business and existing software tools.
    • SuiteDash is an accomplished tool, but the lower tiers are affordable and provide good value for money.


    • SuiteDash’s huge amount of features is a blessing, but it also requires a long learning curve, which means increased time to value and, in some cases, additional training.
    • Some clients have suggested that the wide range of features can result in performance issues, with the CRM and client portals occasionally lagging.
    • While SuiteDash is very established, the interface lacks the flexibility and modernity of rival tools like Agiled and Copilot.

    Agiled vs. SuiteDash: Customer support comparison

    Solid customer support is an essential consideration for software tools. So, how do Agiled and SuiteDash help you resolve issues?

    Agiled customer support

    Agiled offers live chat and email support, which customers consistently praise for responsiveness and strong levels of care. Their customers on Capterra give it 4.7 stars for support, which is far above average.

    Another area where Agiled has you covered is its knowledge base, which is chock full of tutorials and articles that will help you get more from your product.

    Finally, the Agiled community is growing, which means you can avail of peer-to-peer support, advice, and access to best practices.

    SuiteDash customer support

    SuiteDash customer support has a near-flawless rating of 4.8 stars on Capterra. However, read through customer reviews on different third-party aggregator sites, and you’ll find some customers bemoaning slow response times.

    The platform offers help via email support tickets. It also has an excellent knowledge base with detailed articles and tutorials. SuiteDash is a popular tool with a large user base, but they don’t have the same type of community that has sprung up around Agiled.

    Despite their respective ratings for customer support on Capterra, it seems that Agiled has the edge in this battle.

    Agiled vs SuiteDash user reviews and testimonials

    User reviews are an excellent way to get the real, unvarnished opinions of actual product users. Here’s a look at how Agiled and SuiteDash users see their experience with each product, as found on three of the most reputable third-party review sites on the internet.

    Agiled reviews

    Here is what Agiled users have to say about the product.

    • G2: 4.7/5 ⭐ — “I appreciate how user-friendly Agiled is. The interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, which means that I can spend less time figuring out how to use the app and more time actually managing my projects.”
    • Capterra: 4.8/5 ⭐ — “What I enjoy most about Agiled is that it has everything I need in one dashboard.”
    • Software Advice: 4.7/5 ⭐ — “Agiled has outperformed every business tool I have tried by consolidating so many features that I needed into a straightforward dashboard, removing the need for many SaaS tools that often don't integrate well.”

    SuiteDash reviews

    If you want to get the download on SuiteDash, the best place to go is to the product’s customers.

    • G2: 4.8/5 ⭐ — “It is a turnkey platform and completely white label, so my clients get a bespoke experience. It is extremely affordable and is relatively easy to get up and running fast.”
    • Capterra: 4.5/5 ⭐ — “I love it. I have used SuiteDash for over four years, and it just keeps getting better. They are constantly upgrading and making it better.”
    • Software Advice: 4.8/5 ⭐ — “When I first signed up, I didn't really care for it. But after creating my client portal, I realized what a rare gem I found.”


    Agiled and SuiteDash are similar tools competing in the same space. However, they have a different focus and excel at particular tasks.

    Agiled is a good choice if you want to get the administrative aspects of your service business going. Sending proposals and contracts and ensuring projects go well and payments arrive swiftly are the meat and drink of a healthy company. Agiled has your back in that regard.

    SuiteDash, on the other hand, is good for those admin tasks, but it’s also more customer-focused and has solid marketing tools and features to boost the client experience.

    We’d give SuiteDash the edge because it’s a more mature tool with a wider feature set. What’s more, the product is constantly evolving and improving. However, if you’re looking for a user-friendly tool with a fantastic, modern interface and the customization you need to fit around your workflow, you should give Copilot a trial. In these challenging financial times, getting value from your software investment is important, and that is one of Copilot's most significant strengths.

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