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April Highlights: Billing 2.0 and lots of improvements

May 10, 2021Marlon Misra
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    In April, the Portal team focused on billing enhancements, user experience improvements, and infrastructure improvements that make the product run faster.

    Advanced billing settings

    On the Settings/Billing page, you can now specify which payment methods you want to accept (credit card, ACH, or both), indicate who pays for payment processing fees (either you or the client), and set a default memo. These settings are saved as defaults and can be overwritten when a new invoice or subscription is created (in the Advanced Settings section).

    Subscription scheduling

    You now have more controls when creating a subscription. You can select a start date (immediately, 1st of next month, custom date) and end date (never, after a specific number of cycles, custom date).

    Improvements and fixes

    • Added the ability for internal users to update the name and profile picture of a client user.
    • Added the ability for internal users to add a payment method on behalf of a client and change the primary payment method.
    • Added the ability for internal users to reset a client user's password
    • Added a new task for new customers called "Create your first client".
    • Added logic that kicks client users out of active sessions immediately after they are deleted by internal users.
    • Added helper text on the customization pages to make it clear what the images you upload there can be used for.
    • Added time stamps (hours and minutes) on the Messaging module for messages sent in the prior 7 days.
    • Simplified how customers can manage their Portal subscription. Customers can now see their plan, past invoices, and manage their payment method, all on the Settings/Plans page.
    • Improved the experience of opening a client invite URL as an internal user. Previously you were automatically redirected to the CRM and now you can login as the client.
    • Improved the loading speed of all module pages when they have no content.
    • Improved the onboarding experience for new customers.
    • Improved the design of the checkout flow.
    • Improved the performance of the billing page by removing an extra refresh.
    • Improved the invoices page that is shown to internal users when no invoices have been created yet.
    • Updated the clients details page with a collapse-able right-sidebar.
    • Updated how internal user and client user deletions work. When a user is deleted, their email is now immediately available for use again. This fixes a common problem new customers have who frequently invited themselves as a client (using another email) and then later wanted to use this same email for an internal user.
    • Updated fonts and colors for modals across the product.
    • Redesigned the custom domains page.
    • Redesigned the plans page.
    • Redesigned the client details page.
    • Fixed a bug that made it difficult to change the plan you are on.
    • Fixed a bug where the first tab on the client details page was not always selected.
    • Fixed a bug where connecting a dashboard results in no channel being selected.
    • Fixed a bug where radio buttons switch to checkboxes for forms that have been submitted.
    • Fixed copy on various initial state pages.
    • Fixed a bug where resending a client invite didn't work in some scenarios.

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