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December Highlights: Infrastructure month

Dec 31, 2020
  • 3 min read
  • Marlon Misra

    In December the Portal team focused on infrastructure and performance. We shipped better domain management, made cross-product improvement to make the product work in real-time, and improved our notification infrastructure.

    Self-serve Domain Management

    Customers can now add and manage their custom domains directly in their settings. Previously this is something we setup manually but now this functionality is available on Settings/Domains.

    Connect your domain in <5 minutes.

    Real-time CRM

    Similar to recent updates that were made to the Files module, the CRM is now real-time. This means that you never have to refresh to see the latest state. If a new client is created (via direct sign up or by someone on your team), for example, the client user will just pop in at the top of the table.

    The CRM now works in real-time.

    Improved Empty States

    For internal users and client users, we now show helpful text and illustrations on pages where you have not created any entities yet.

    Empty states are now more welcoming for internal and client users.

    Improved Email Notifications

    First, you can now send messages, share files, and create invoices/subscriptions for client users who you have not invited to your portal yet. When you do this, the email notification will prompt them to Activate Account and then redirect them to the relevant page.Second, when a client user gets an email notification and clicks on a link, we automatically make the experiences as seamless as possible.

    • If they are logged in to your portal, we redirect them to their destination directly.
    • If they are logged out, we pre-fill their email and ask them to enter their password.
    • If they have not been invited yet, we pre-fill their email and ask them to Active Account (which means they have to set their password).

    Improvements and fixes

    • Added the ability for internal admin users to delete other internal users.
    • Added roles for client users (relevant if multiple client users are associated with the same company).
    • Added the ability to drag & drop files into specific folders in the Files module.
    • Improved the sidebar design (we don’t show section headers if you only have one section now)
    • Fixed a UI bug on the Files page which led to multiple dividers being shown.
    • Fixed a UI bug on the messages dropdown.
    • Fixed a UI bug that made the User Details page look bad on mobile.
    • Fixed a bug where deleting a client user logged out some internal users.
    • Fixed a bug where new lines didn’t appear correctly on Messaging.
    • Renamed the Billing module. It was previously called ‘Payments’ on the sidebar and is now called ‘Billing’.
    • Renamed the team user management page in Settings from ‘Members’ to ‘Team’.
    • Fixed a bug in Messaging Settings that made it unclear who is included in Welcome Messages.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented saving changes on the Customization page where you used special characters.

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