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January Highlights: eSignatures module & Module management

Jan 31, 2021
  • 3 min read
  • Marlon Misra

    In January the Portal team shipped a comprehensive eSignatures solution. Unlike most eSignature products, our offering is tightly integrated with the rest of your portal. That means clients can now message you, share files with you, pay, and sign documents, all from one unified place. In addition, we shipped Module management (more on that below) over 50 improvement and bug fixes.


    Since the beginning, our vision for Portal has been to give your clients one unified place from where they can do business with you. After many months of development, we’re taking a big step in that direction by introducing a secure eSignature solution that is beautifully integrated with the rest of your portal. We recorded a quick video to show you how it works.

    How eSignatures works

    1. Internal user uploads a PDF file.
    2. Internal user goes on the PDF's actions menu and selects eSignature request.
    3. Internal user eSign flow.
    4. Add your own blocks (signatures, initials, dates, custom blocks).
    5. Add your client's blocks (signatures, initials, dates, custom blocks).
    6. Internal user confirms.
    7. Client gets an in-product notification and email notification notifying them that there is an eSignature request.
    8. Client submits their information.
    9. Client confirms
    10. Both parties get an email and in-product notification confirming that the eSignature request is completed. The PDF document now has a green circle in front of it (indicating that the document has been eSigned) and downloading or previewing the document will show an audit trail page at the end.

    Module management

    We’re currently in the midst of the no code movement which is making it easier and easier to customize the tools you use to run your business. With this release, you can now enable and disable modules yourself. As we move forward with eSignatures and dozens of more modules over the next few years, this is an important first step in giving you complete control over how your software looks and feels to your team and clients.

    Control your modules from one place

    Onboarding tips card

    If you have a portal but are not yet fully setup, we now show you an onboarding tips card with links that bring you directly to the relevant pages. If you dismiss it, it will permanently be removed for you and your team.

    For new customers, we now provide helpful tips to quickly get you setup

    Improvements and fixes

    • File channels are now auto-created when you create a new client.
    • Simplified the Create Client modal so that the company field is always visible.
    • Updated two email notifications so that they work regardless of which modules you have enabled.
    • Updated the sidebar so that subsections remain selected if you are on a create page. For example, if you are creating a new invoice, “Invoices” remains selected in the sidebar.
    • Updated the user details page so that Files is shown before Invoices.
    • Redesigned the headers used in the produced and introduced a universal search bar.
    • Redesigned the Create pages (invoice create, knowledge base article create, etc.) with breadcrumb navigation so it is easier to navigate back.
    • Redesigned the iconography used across the product.
    • Redesigned all buttons and dropdowns.
    • Fixed a bug that caused in-product file notifications to come in delayed.
    • Fixed a bug where the user details page sometimes cached the name of a user you previously selected.

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