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March Highlights: Client assignment, Help center, and Link sharing

Mar 11, 2021Marlon Misra
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    March turned out to be the most productive in our company's history. Read a summary of all our updates below.

    Client assignment

    Client assignment makes Portal work for larger teams (up to 50 people). With client assignment you can now easily (1) assign a lead to each client and (2) select the team members that can see the client and their information (messages, files, invoices etc.) all from one unified place. Watch the video for a quick overview. 👇

    Sometimes a client just won’t check their email to accept their portal invite or pay an invoice. Now you can click on the actions button on a client (on the CRM page) or on an open invoice (on the Invoices page), and copy a link that you can share with your client via email, SMS, or any method you choose.

    Easily share links with clients

    Help center

    Internal users can now click on Help center in the bottom of the sidebar. On the Help center, internal users are greeted with 4 useful links - the Portal Guide, our Slack community, contact support, and recent updates.

    The help center is a central place to get your questions answered

    Improvements and fixes

    • Added a sticky sidebar notification for clients who have open invoices. For example, if a client has 2 unpaid open invoices, they will see a “2” beside “Billing” in the sidebar. The notifications only go away when the invoices are paid.
    • Added a customizable pricing page in our website builder.
    • Increased the per-transaction ACH limit to $75K.
    • Improved the experience of uploading large files in Messaging.
    • Improved the experience of using the forms module on mobile with a collapse-able sidebar on the right side.
    • Improved the experience of managing your settings.
    • Improved the experience of uploading/replacing images.
    • Improved the eSignatures user experience.
    • Redesigned avatars, channels, toggles, tags, text fields, and modals.
    • Fixed a bug where clicking on the Preview action for an eSigned document showed the original document.
    • Updated the Portal guide.

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