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10 best SimplePractice alternatives & competitors in 2024

Jan 17, 2024Omid G
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    Are you a health and wellness practitioner or entrepreneur looking to streamline your services and deliver an excellent customer experience in 2024.

    If so, you may already be using, or considering, SimplePractice — an automation software designed to take care of administrative tasks such as billing clients, processing insurance claims, storing confidential patient information, scheduling appointments, communicating with clients, and much more.

    From mental health professionals and occupational therapists to dieticians and acupuncturists, many professionals across the health and wellness space swear by SimplePractice to save time and keep their businesses running smoothly.

    However, there are scores of excellent practice management programs available, some of which may be better suited to your business than SimplePractice. With this in mind, we’ve collated a guide to SimplePractice competitors dominating the market as we move into 2024.

    What to look for in a SimplePractice alternative

    Before you start scouring the web for the perfect practice management software, it’s worth considering what criteria you’ll use to make a final decision. While some practitioners are primarily concerned about price, others value a smooth user experience and special features. Here are a few factors to consider:

    • HIPAA-compliance: The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a federal law requiring health providers to protect sensitive patient information. Any practice management software worth its salt should comply with HIPAA, going above and beyond to protect patients. Remember – breaches of HIPAA could lead to hefty criminal penalties that could severely impact your business finances and reputation!
    • Cost: Does the software fit into your monthly budget? Some providers offer packages that can be up/downgraded depending on your financial situation.
    • Customer support features: With 90% of customers valuing immediate responses to their inquiries, finding practice management software with high-quality troubleshooting and support assistance could help you retain customers and enhance your reputation.
    • Customization features: Does the platform allow you to tailor features to suit your needs? For example, you may prefer software that offers branded patient forms or tailored chatbots.
    • Usability: It’s worth signing up for a trial version of a practice management platform before you commit to a subscription.
    • Reviews: A decent piece of practice management software is likely to attract high-quality reviews from respected professionals in the health and wellness space. Remember to check online reviews and ask around your network for tips and recommendations.

    Top 10 best SimplePractice alternatives for service businesses

    Here are our top picks for the best SimplePractice alternatives:

    1. Copilot
    2. Kareo
    3. Spruce Health
    4. Moxo
    5. Dubsado
    6. Podium
    7. Birdeye
    8. HoneyBook
    9. TheraNest
    10. FreshBooks

    Let’s dive into what you need to know about each platform.

    1. Copilot

    Copilot client portal

    Copilot helps agencies, firms, and freelancers, start, run, and grow their service-based businesses. Through white-label, user-friendly client portals, users of Copilot can bring all of their tools into one central portal to help retain their clients and get paid for their work.

    The team at Copilot also makes sure users receive high-quality features for their business by frequently updating the platform and offering expert-led demos. If you’re looking for an affordable all-rounder that you can start using immediately, Copilot could be a great option.

    Notable features

    Copilot comes with a range of excellent features, including:

    • A streamlined messaging app: Copilot’s messaging features facilitate seamless onboarding experiences, up-to-the-minute updates, mass communications, and much more. Plus, sensitive client information is always protected, with SOC2 and HIPAA reports available where necessary.
    • Easy billing: Copilot streamlines all billing-related data in a single interface, helping you find the information you need without any fuss.
    • Customizable forms: Customize patient forms to ensure you collect the data you need to keep your business running and your clients happy.
    • A powerful helpdesk: Copilot helps businesses offer genuinely helpful helpdesks that direct clients to relevant articles that answer their burning questions.

    Copilot pricing

    Copilot offers three packages: Starter ($29/month), Professional ($69/month), and Advanced ($119/month). Each package is charged per internal user and tailored to suit businesses of different sizes.

    You can learn more about Copilot’s pricing plans here.

    Copilot reviews

    Copilot has gained several strong ratings across review sites, including:

    • G2: 4.8/5 star rating
    • GetApp: 4.7/5 star rating

    2. Kareo


    Kareo is a cloud-based practice management software that allows physicians to write notes and prescriptions, manage patient needs, organize patient collections, and offer streamlined telehealth services.

    The platform claims to be tailored for independent practices (rather than hospitals), delivering quick services without the need for time-consuming administrative processes. If you’re looking for a platform that assists with care delivery workflow, Kareo may be a suitable option.

    Notable features

    As a healthcare-specific platform, Kareo offers several notable features, including:

    • Customers have access to their own Kareo success coach within the first 60 days of signing up.
    • Assistance with migrating data to the cloud.
    • Analytics that allow users to manage revenue performance across several practices and healthcare providers.
    • Automated care delivery features, including labs and referral management, secure messaging, insurance eligibility checks, and automated patient reminders.

    Kareo pricing

    Kareo pricing is tailored to individual practices. As such, you’ll need to fill out a quick form to obtain a quote.

    Kareo reviews

    Reviews of Kareo are mixed. Average ratings across review sites include:

    3. Spruce Health

    Spruce Health

    Spruce Health sells itself as an all-in-one healthcare communication platform that leads the way in HIPAA compliance and secure patient communication. As well as offering secure video calls to facilitate virtual appointments, the platform allows teammates to collaborate on group tasks and make sure workflows remain streamlined.

    Clinical questionnaires allow users to screen patients before organizing appointments, while digital payments and phone routing features cut down on time-consuming administrative work. Founded in 2013, Spruce Health is a well-established player in the healthcare management software industry. As such, it may be viewed as a relatively safe option for those looking to improve the efficiency of their practice.

    Notable features

    • Secure messaging and SMS options for patients in need of assistance, as well as automated responses for non-urgent inquiries.
    • After-hours answering services for urgent inquiries.
    • Virtual visits and clinical questionnaires for remote care.
    • Voicemail transcription and call routing.

    Spruce Health pricing

    Spruce Health offers two packages, including Basic ($24 per user, per month) and Communicator ($49 per user, per month). You can try the platform free for 14 days, without having to provide any credit card information.

    Spruce Health reviews

    Ratings for Spruce Health include:

    4. Moxo


    Although not specifically tailored to the health and wellness space, Moxo is a powerful platform designed to boost business efficiencies and improve the overall client experience. Moxo’s website emphasizes an awareness that customers often encounter complex problems that can’t always be solved through automation.

    Moxo also offers a range of features, such as secure messaging and annotated file sharing, to make sure that customers, team members, vendors, and other stakeholders can interact when necessary. It also offers a OneStop Suite for health and wellness providers.

    Moxo could be a strong solution for business owners concerned about facilitating smooth and efficient workflows. Whether you’re looking to iron out any payment inefficiencies or deliver a more streamlined patient experience, it could be worth giving Moxo a try.

    As mentioned on the company’s website, Moxo has won a series of awards, including Best Mobile Experience at the Bank Customer Experience Summit and Best Client Relationship Management Platform at the LegalTech Awards.

    Notable features

    • Dedicated client workspaces for seamless collaboration.
    • Complete visibility of all client interactions, allowing businesses to track staff performance.
    • Compliance across SOC III, GDPR, PSD2, and CSA.
    • Role-based permission options for accountants, clients, legal staff, and more.

    Moxo pricing

    Moxo charges clients according to their business needs. Broadly speaking, you can choose from Starter, Business, and Enterprise packages, and will need to contact the sales team for a precise quote.

    Moxo reviews

    Moxo has been reviewed across a range of platforms, including:

    5. Dubsado


    Designed for flexibility and customizability, Dubsado may suit businesses across a range of different sectors. The platform is the brainchild of a husband-and-wife team. However, it has grown to include many more in recent years.

    Today, the software company continues to improve its systems based on customer feedback and offers a range of tailored support services to help clients hit the ground running with the software. For example, you can check out Dubsado’s extensive list of help articlesbook 1:1 assistance, or join a webinar exploring everything about the platform. If you struggle with new technologies, Dubsado could represent the best option to suit your needs.

    Notable features

    • Branded client portals designed with user experience in mind.
    • An automated appointment scheduler.
    • Automated onboarding processes designed for customer retention.
    • Integrations with Xero, Cloudspot, Quickbooks, email providers, video conferencing software, and calendar apps.

    Dubsado pricing

    Customers who pay annually can save money compared to those who pay monthly. Annual subscriptions are $200 for a Starter package or $400 for a Premier package. Monthly subscriptions are $20 for a Starter package or $40 for a Premier package.

    Dubsado reviews

    Online review sites featuring Dubsade include:

    6. Podium


    Designed with health and wellness businesses in mind, Podium offers tailored marketing solutions as well as automated workflow features. For example, clients can quickly set up text campaigns that personalize customer messages and help drive revenue.

    Podium users can also collect information about customer experiences through mass surveys, ensuring that business inefficiencies and bottlenecks are quickly addressed. If you’re interested in boosting customer numbers and tackling retention issues, Podium could be a smart solution.

    Notable features

    • Text chat allows real humans to enter conversations with customers.
    • Lead generation features, such as business text messaging.
    • Integrations with a range of popular tools.

    Podium pricing

    You can choose from three available packages:

    • Essentials – $249/mo
    • Standard – $409 /mo
    • Professional – $599/mo

    Podium reviews

    You can find Podium reviews across a range of sites, including:

    • G2: 4.5/5 star rating
    • GetApp: 4.3/5 star rating

    7. Birdeye


    Birdeye pitches itself as an online reputation management software that features everything entrepreneurs need to run a digital business.

    Although Birdeye isn’t tailored to the healthcare space, current and previous customers include those in the dental and healthcare sectors, according to the website. Like many others in this list, Birdeye offers a range of automated features, including webchat, mass texting tools, and analytics.

    Notable features

    • Online demo videos to help clients get to grips with the software.
    • Referral programs to boost revenue.
    • Social media integrations to boost company reputation and keep customers updated.

    Birdeye pricing

    Birdeye pricing depends on the size of your company and the number of locations it occupies. You can obtain a quote from the website.

    Birdeye reviews

    Reviews of Birdeye tend to be mixed, including:

    8. HoneyBook


    HoneyBook is designed with both clients and users in mind, claiming to ensure that 90% of client invoices are paid on time. What’s more, HoneyBook hires Certified Pros to show new clients the ropes, ensuring they make the most of its features.

    If you want honest and helpful resources to help your business grow, HoneyBook could be a potential game-changer. However, as one of the cheaper options on this list, it may not have the power or capacity necessary to scale your business.

    Notable features

    • A free trial that doesn’t require a credit card.
    • Automated features, including a scheduler, payment platform, and form template.
    • Tax calculator for the self-employed.

    HoneyBook pricing

    HoneyBook’s pricing starts at $8/mo for the first year, up to $66/mo for a Premium package.

    HoneyBook reviews

    Sites offering HoneyBook reviews include:

    9. TheraNest


    TheraNest is marketed toward those in the therapy sector, including therapists, social workers, psychologists, counselors, and more. As well as being HIPAA-compliant and extra secure, the platform offers a range of packages to suit anything from solo freelancers to large group practices.

    TheraNest features

    • 25% subscription discounts for non-profits.
    • Online teletherapy features to support remote treatment.
    • Smooth Client Portal to enhance the patient experience.

    TheraNest pricing

    Pricing is tailored toward the size and needs of a business. However, you can try TheraNest free for 21 days, without handing over your credit card details.

    TheraNest reviews

    Ratings for TheraNest include:

    10. FreshBooks


    Last but not least is FreshBooks — one of the most popular sites on this list. Known for its accounting capabilities, FreshBooks also offers clients communication capabilities to help manage workflows. You may wish to choose this option if you’re preoccupied with getting paid quickly and efficiently!

    Notable features

    • Integrates with over 100 apps to streamline your operations.
    • Free 30-day trial, without the need for a credit card.
    • Advanced invoicing software to handle all payments.

    FreshBooks pricing

    FreshBooks subscriptions start at $17 per month. However, the platform frequently offers introductory prices which will mean you will pay very little for the first few months of your subscription.

    FreshBooks reviews

    FreshBooks is widely reviewed across the internet, with ratings including:

    The bottom line

    As you can see, there are plenty of high-quality practice management platforms available. However, if you’re looking for a safe pair of hands, we can’t recommend Copilot enough. As well as offering a range of excellent features, it’s highly affordable and has gained a fantastic reputation among clients. Just look at our rave reviews!

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