Net Terms

What are Net Terms?

Net terms refer to the payment agreement between a buyer and seller that outlines when payment is due for goods or services rendered. In this agreement, the seller extends credit to the buyer, allowing them to make payments over time instead of requiring payment upfront. Common net terms include 30, 60, or 90 days, although other terms may be negotiated based on the specific needs of the parties involved.

Net terms are a common feature of business-to-business transactions, and they can be advantageous for both parties involved. Buyers are able to conserve their cash flow by spreading out payments over time, while sellers can use net terms to incentivize buyers to make larger purchases. It's important for both buyers and sellers to understand the terms of the agreement, including the payment due date and any potential fees or penalties for late payments. By doing so, both parties can ensure a smooth transaction and maintain a positive business relationship.

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