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                    Affiliates program

                    A program for those with audiences (YouTube, newsletters, etc.)

                    Overview copy-icon

                    Our Affiliates program is geared towards people who have built an audience (on YouTube, TikTok, blogs, etc.) and who want to tell their audience about Copilot. The program comes with recurring revenue share, educational resources to best pitch Copilot, early feature access, and more.

                    We use a product called PartnerStack to power this program. If you are accepted you will be invited to create a PartnerStack account. In your PartnerStack account you can connect your bank (to receive partner payouts), access your unique affiliate link, track signups and conversions, and access educational resources.

                    Revenue share copy-icon

                    You will receive 20% of subscriptions revenue for the first 12 months that a business is on a paid Copilot plan. To start earning a revenue share all you need to do is share your affiliate link with your audience.

                    Application process copy-icon

                    1. Apply to the Affiliate program by filling out this form.

                    2. If there is a good fit we will get back to you in less than a week about next steps. You should feel free to reapply every 6 months if you don't get accepted.

                    3. If you are approved you will get an email that prompts you to set up your PartnerStack account. Here you can connect your bank (to receive partner payouts), access your affiliate links, track signups and conversions, and access educational resources.

                    Frequently Asked Questions


                    You can create multiple links and see your stats in your dashboard by signing in to PartnerStack. Once you receive your personalized affiliate link, we recommend that you promote it on your blog, social profile, website, videos, etc (the more places the better). When you post or distribute content about Copilot, your message must make it obvious that you have a financially compensated relationship with Copilot. We need all promotions to be FTC compliant.

                    What qualifies as a successful conversion? copy-icon

                    Net new workspaces that upgrade to a paid plan within 180 days of clicking your affiliate link will be eligible for the affiliate commission. Commissions are paid on a last-click basis, so your link must be the last touch point before the user signed up.

                    What if a user adds additional seats or upgrades their workspace after their first invoice? copy-icon

                    Rewards will be generated for each new transaction and this includes seat upgrades and plan upgrades.

                    Can I refer myself? copy-icon

                    Self-referrals are not allowed. The spirit of the program is to reward you for referring other people. This is not a way to get a discount on your own account.

                    How can I ask additional questions? copy-icon

                    If you have more questions, you can reach out to us at