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                    Experts program

                    A program for freelancers and agencies

                    Overview copy-icon

                    The Copilot Experts program is intended for freelancers and agencies that are setting up Copilot workspaces and/or are building custom solutions (Custom Apps, automation workflows, etc.) for their clients. The program comes with recurring revenue share, a listing in our Experts Directory, an exclusive Experts slack channel, early feature access, and more.

                    We use a product called PartnerStack to power this program. If you are accepted you will be invited to create a PartnerStack account. In your PartnerStack account you can connect your bank (to receive partner payouts), access your unique experts link, track signups and conversions, and access educational resources.

                    Revenue share copy-icon

                    You will automatically receive 20% of subscriptions revenue for the first 12 months that a business is on a paid Copilot plan. There are two ways to qualify for the revenue share.

                    Inside of your PartnerStack account you can access a link that is associated with your profile. If a workspace signs up to a paid plan within 180 days of clicking on your link you will be eligible for revenue share.

                    (B) You're the first expert in a workspace that converts to a paid plancopy-icon

                    If you are invited to a workspace as the first Copilot Expert, you will automatically earn revenue share. Note that these conditions must be met:

                    1. You're the first Copilot Expert added to the workspace. To determine this we check if your PartnerStack email matches the internal user email in the workspace.

                    2. The workspace converts to a paid plan after you join.

                    Other program benefits copy-icon

                    Experts directory & work requestscopy-icon

                    As part of the Experts program we'll invite you to add yourself to our Experts Directory. This is a place where businesses that already run on Copilot or plan to run on Copilot can go to find help with set up, automations, Custom Apps, and more. Businesses can either contact you directly or ask us for help with matchmaking. In either case, you can set your own prices and the relationship between you and any business you meet through the directory is direct.

                    After we invite you, you can configure your profile. In you profile you can introduce yourself, highlight your experience, showcase reviews (those who complete projects can leave reviews for you), and indicate exactly what type of work you're open to. If you are ever to busy you can say that you are temporarily unavailable for new work.

                    Experts channel in Slackcopy-icon

                    We'll invite you to join the #experts channel in our Slack community. Here you can meet other experts, ask for help with custom work, and more.

                    Launchpad early accesscopy-icon

                    You're eligible to join our early access program Launchpad. Once you're accepted you will be able to submit a form to add yourself to our beta group.

                    Free sandbox workspacecopy-icon

                    You'll get access to a free Copilot workspace to test out automations, Custom Apps, and more as you develop them. This will be a special sandbox workspace that is limited to 10 client users.

                    Joining the Experts Program copy-icon


                    At this time we are looking for experts that have helped 1 or more businesses that run on Copilot. If you are new to Copilot and are interested in the experts program, you will need to work with at least one business before you can apply and receive program benefits

                    Application processcopy-icon

                    1. Apply to the Experts program by filling out this form.

                    2. If there is a good fit we will get back to you in less than a week about next steps. You should feel free to reapply every 6 months if you don't get accepted.

                    3. If you are approved you will get an email that prompts you to set up your PartnerStack account.

                    4. Inside of PartnerStack you will see instructions for how to join the Expert Directory, the Experts Slack channel, and the Launchpad early access group.

                    Frequently Asked Questions

                    What if a user adds additional seats or upgrades their workspace after their first invoice? copy-icon

                    Rewards will be generated for each new transaction and this includes seat upgrades and plan upgrades.

                    Will I earn revenue share retroactively if I didn't join the Experts program initially? copy-icon

                    No, you will only earn revenue share if you joined the program first.

                    If I leave a team where I'm earning revenue share, will I stop receiving revenue share? copy-icon

                    Yes. If you are receiving revenue share through path B (joining as the first Copilot Expert) you must remain an internal user on that team to keep earning revenue share.

                    How can I ask additional questions? copy-icon

                    If you have more questions, you can reach out to us at