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                    Client access

                    Configure client access for internal users

                    Overview copy-icon

                    As you grow and add internal users to your team, it can be difficult to stay organized. For example, you may not want all internal users to have access to all clients, or you don’t want all internal users to be notified about all client activity.

                    How it works copy-icon

                    With Client Access permissions, you can specify exactly which internal users can see and have access to which clients. If an internal user doesn’t have access to a particular client, they won’t see the client or their data across any of the apps you have enabled. In other words, you can configure client access just once, and then the permissions ripple through the entire Copilot Platform.

                    How to configure client access copy-icon

                    Note: To use Client Access you will need to be subscribed to our Advanced plan.

                    1. Navigate to Settings > Team.

                    2. On the Client access column, by default for each client this is set to Full Access.

                    3. Click on ⋯ and then Change client access.

                    4. In the first dropdown, change the client access level from Full access to Limited.

                    5. In the second dropdown, select the clients or companies that the particular internal user should have access to.

                    Frequently Asked Questions

                    When specifying client access, do I select clients or companies? copy-icon

                    It depends. If you have companies disabled, you will only see clients. If you have companies enabled, you will generally see companies but you might see some clients if they don't have any assigned company yet.

                    I remember being able to configure client access with "Leads and "Assignees". Can I still do that? copy-icon

                    On January 18 2024, we deprecated leads and assignees in favor of our new client access permissions model. This new implementation is more intuitive and results in significant performance improvements.