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                    Internal user roles

                    Understand internal user roles and permissions

                    Overview copy-icon

                    Internal users are team members that are part of your workspace. We recommend that you give every team member their own internal user account for enhanced permissions and to minimize issues that may arise if there are multiple simultaneous sessions with the same internal user.

                    Roles copy-icon

                    Internal users can be admin internal users or staff internal users. The difference between the two roles is that admin internal users have additional permissions:

                    • They can access all settings including domain settings, payout account settings, API settings, customization, and plan settings.

                    • They can invite other internal users.

                    • They can configure client access for other internal users.

                    • They can configure Copilot (core) Apps, Embeds, Marketplace Apps, and Custom Apps.

                    Adding an internal user copy-icon

                    1. Navigate to the Settings > Team page.

                    2. Click on the Invite user button.

                    3. Enter the internal user's name, email, and role.

                    4. Click Invite.

                    5. The invited internal user will now receive an email to accept their invitation.