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                    Internal user notifications

                    How internal users receive notifications

                    Overview copy-icon

                    Configure your notifications to strike the right balance between being notified about important events and minimizing noise.

                    Notification settings copy-icon

                    Each internal user can configure their notifications on the Settings > Notifications page. Specifically you can:

                    • Configure if you want to enable or disable product notifications. We strongly recommend leaving this enabled.

                    • Configure if you want to receive email notifications with options Always, Never, and When app is not active. The last option is the default option because it means that you will not receive email notifications if you are active in the Copilot Dashboard (and are therefore likely to see product notifications already).

                    • Assuming you've enabled both product and email notifications, in the table below you have fine-tuned control of how you want to receive each specific notification.

                    Notification Center copy-icon

                    The Notification Center is a centralized and customizable home for your product notifications. This is where all product notifications are surfaced with the exception of Messaging App notifications, which show directly in the app itself.

                    Notifications copy-icon

                    The following notifications can show in the notification center:

                    • New paid invoice

                    • New file upload

                    • New signed contract

                    • New form response

                    Quick actionscopy-icon

                    For each notification type, in the top-right we surface quick actions that are relevant to the notification. For instance, you can use quick actions to quickly download a signed contract or export a form submission.

                    Mark read vs deletecopy-icon

                    When you select a notification that automatically marks it as read. If you need to mark it unread (maybe to remind yourself to come back to it), you can click on the Actions button and select Mark unread.

                    Optionally, you can permanently delete notifications. If you prefer an "inbox-zero"-like experience where the notification center is empty after you have gone through it, you can make use of the Delete notification action.

                    Power user tipscopy-icon

                    If you receive a large number of notifications, work more efficiently with these two tips:

                    • You can use bulk actions to delete or mark read a large number of notifications. Just click on the Actions button to access them.

                    • Use keyboard shortcuts to navigate the notification center and to delete notifications. You can use Command + [ (Mac) or Control + [ (Windows) to navigate up, Command + ] (Mac) or Control + ] (Windows) to navigate down, and Del to delete the selected notification.