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                    Intro to notifications

                    How notifications work for internal users and clients

                    Overview copy-icon

                    Notifications are important and the main way that internal users and clients learn about important events or actions that they need to take.

                    Notification types copy-icon

                    There are two types of notifications. In-product notifications are surfaced on the sidebar of the Copilot Dashboard (for internal users) or your portal (for clients) and show a number that represents the number of notifications. Email notifications are sent via email and include a link to the relevant page. For example, a new invoice notification to clients includes a link to the checkout page.

                    Notification grouping copy-icon

                    For messaging and file upload notifications there is a 5-minute delay. The delay exists so that if many events take place in a short succession, we don’t have to send multiple emails. For example, if a client sends 15 messages within 3 minutes, as an internal user you will only receive a single notification.

                    Messaging email notifications copy-icon

                    Messaging email notifications are unique because they allow the recipient to reply to the email with their response. Other notifications do not support reply via email.

                    Frequently Asked Questions

                    What if I or my clients aren't receiving email notifications? copy-icon

                    One common reason for this is that notifications occasionally end up in a spam or junk folder. Checking these folders in the inbox and marking any notifications as not spam should resolve this.

                    Another common reason is if you or your clients are using Microsoft Outlook as your mail server. Occasionally the email notifications are sent to quarantine and have to be manually released.

                    If you are experiencing this issue and you or your clients are not seeing notifications in the spam folder, or using Microsoft Outlook, please contact our support team.

                    Connecting a custom email domain will cause client notifications to come from your domain which helps to improve deliverability.

                    How do I update the name that is used in the portal and for email notifications to clients? copy-icon

                    The name of your company that clients see in your portal and in email notifications is called the brand name.

                    The email sender name is automatically set as your brand name followed by 'Portal'.

                    For example, if your brand name is set as 'Sample Company', the email sender name will appear as 'Sample Company Portal'.

                    You can update your brand name on the Customization page under Brand name.

                    Can I customize the copy used in client email notifications? copy-icon

                    It is not currently possible to customize the copy for client email notifications. This is a popular feature request and on our roadmap.