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per internal user per month

    All Starter plans include

  • Up to 100 clients and 10GB of storage

  • Client management and custom fields

  • Customizable branding and color scheme

  • Access to every Copilot App including Messaging, Billing, Files, Forms, and Helpdesk


Level up with more clients, custom domains, automations, and apps


per internal user per month

    Everything in Starter

  • Up to 2,000 clients and 2TB of storage

  • Custom domain and custom email domain

  • Automations, Zapier, and API

  • Support for Partner Apps and Custom Apps


Level up further with a a fully white-label experience and dedicated expert


per internal user

per month

    Everything in Professional

  • Up to 20,000 clients and 20TB of storage

  • Remove ‘Powered by Copilot’

  • HIPAA Compliance

  • Dedicated Copilot Expert



per internal user


per internal user


per internal user

Total clients

A client user is any client of your business that has their own login access to your portal. Internal users (team members) are not considered client users.


Total storage

File uploads in the Files App by any user contribute to your file storage limit. When you reach your limit, our team will get in touch and ask that you make space or upgrade your account.


Client management

Client management functionality lets you create, invite, organize, and manage client information.


Custom fields

With custom fields, you can add and track custom properties for your clients. For example, you can track locations, addresses, or birthdays.


Team collaboration

Assign a lead and one or more assignees to each of your clients. This lets you stay organized and gives you full control over which team member can access which client.



Customizations include the ability to upload you brand assets, design your theme, set up a custom log in screen, and more.


Automations & Zapier

Use Copilot API and Zapier triggers to set up automations that streamline the experience for your clients.


API Access

Use our REST API and Webhooks to set up automations and connect other tools.

Professional Rate LimitAdvanced Rate Limit


With a custom domain, you can host your portal on your own URL. With a custom email domain, you can send client email notifications from your own email. Powered by Copilot is a small badge that shows in the client experience and can be removed on the Advanced plan.

Custom domainCustom email domainCustom domainCustom email domainRemove ‘Powered by Copilot’

HIPAA compliance with BAA

If you're a covered entity or business associate subject to HIPAA, contact our team to enter into a BAA.


Custom roles & permissions

Create custom roles for your team if you want full control over what functionality each internal user can access in your portal.


Coming Soon

Copilot Apps


Securely communicate with clients in an integrated chat experience. Clients can send messages in your portal or reply to messaging email notifications in a seamless experience.



Create one-time invoices and recurring subscriptions in your portal. Give clients a way to seamlessly check out, pay via credit card or ACH, access invoices, and manage payment methods. Syncs with QuickBooks.



Upload files, add links, and stay organized with folders. Advanced controls let you specify whether clients have the same controls or more limited access.



Upload PDFs and request eSignatures directly in your portal.



Streamline the client onboarding experience and data intake with reusable forms.


Knowledge base

Create a knowledge base for your clients to reduce manual support time. With a powerful article editor, use rich text, images, videos, and embeds to create content. Use tags and custom visibility controls to organize articles and indicate which client can see which content


Partner Apps

Embed products like Airtable, ClickUp, Calendly, Google Data Studio, and 1000s of others in your portal and give clients a true one-stop shop experience.


Data Integration Apps

Connect products like QuickBooks and Google Analytics so that data can flow from Copilot into an external system or the other way around.


Custom Apps

A custom app is a web application that can be embedded into your portal and receives information about the current user or company. You can render custom content automatically depending on the client that is signed in.

Payment processing fees

Credit cards

Payment processing fee for credit cards. You can control whether you want to absorb payment processing fees or pass them on to your client.

3.5% + $0.303.2% + $0.303.1% + $0.30


Payment processing fee for ACH Debit. You can control whether you want to absorb payment processing fees or pass them on to your client. Instant ACH powered by Plaid and traditional ACH with micro-deposit verification are both supported.

$5 or 1% (whichever is lower)$5 or 1% (whichever is lower)$5 or 1% (whichever is lower)
Additional Payment processing fees

Payments for invoices generated by a recurring subscription

Payments for invoices that are generated by a subscription may incur an additional fee.


International credit cards

International credit cards incur an additional 1% fee.


Currency conversion required

Credit card payments that require currency conversion incur an additional 1% fee.


Email and community support

Receive support from our Slack community and get answers from our support team.


Priority support

Receive elevated support from our priority support team.


Dedicated expert

Meet 1:1 with an expert to help you set up your portal, migrate data, set up workflow automations, and more.


Starting at $2,000 USD/month

For businesses with custom requirements, enterprise compliance, advanced reporting needs, and more.


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