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January 19, 2022

New Properties for Invoices & Subscriptions

We added several new properties to the Invoices and Subscriptions pages. Most of them are hidden by default and you have to click on the filter button to view them. These new fields should make bank reconciliation easier. All new fields can also be exported.

On the invoices page we have added:

  • Payment date (Date that a payment is made. Please note that for old invoices this property has not yet been backfilled.)
  • Payment method (Credit card or bank account with last 4 digits)
  • Fees (i.e Payment processing fees)
  • Fees absorbed (True or False depending whether the merchant or client pays for the fees)
  • Currency

For subscriptions, we have added:

  • Next payment date (date of the next charge date)

Company Extension Channels

You can now create company-level Local Extensions. This lets you embed a product and make it visible to multiple client users that are assigned to the same company. With this update, you can now create company-level File channels, Message channels, and Local Extensions.

Improvements & Updates

  • Increased the size of the brand icon that shows in the top of your sidebar.
  • Improved the left-alignment of various pages on mobile.
  • When a client only has one messaging channel, we now hide the channel sidebar so that the full width of the page can be dedicated to the message history area.
  • Updated the company icon on the CRM that is shown when no company has been added.
  • On the page where clients accept their invite, updated the copy to make it clear that they are setting a password for their account.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented drag & drop in the Files module when you dropped a file on the root bread crumb.
  • Fixed a bug where the invoices page  flickered briefly after a client pays for an invoice.

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