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November 19, 2020

User Details View

When you are on the CRM page, you can click on any user and see the User Details page. Here you can see important information on the left, and switch among Messages, Files, and Payments views on the right.


Files Module - Product Notifications

Similar to Messaging notifications, the Files module now shows notifications directly in the sidebar and sorts your channels in order of most recent notification. This makes it easy to know exactly when your clients are adding any new files.


Redesigned Authentication Screens

The Sign, Sign Up, Confirm Email, and Reset Password screens have been redesigned from scratch. They now all show your customizable Auth Image on the right, make use of your logo, load much faster, and work nicely on mobile.


Improvement and Fixes

  • Added placeholder images and text on the Landing Page Module so that it doesn't look empty before it is customized.
  • Removed 'My Files' as a channel in the Files module. You can still manually access these files if you need them but we found that having 'My Files' was inconsistent with the other channels and mostly caused confusion.
  • Improved the performance of new user signups and logins by ~22%.
  • Improved the formatting of messages in the Messaging module - especially for bullet points and numbered lists.
  • Improved how tags are created in the Knowledge Base module.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some users from creating new invoice templates.
  • Redesigned the toggles we use in various places in the product.
  • Redesigned the text fields we use in various places in the product.

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