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February 9, 2023

Improvements & Updates

  • Improved how search works so that search queries are persistent in some workflows. For example, if you search for something on the Clients page, click on a client, and navigate back, the search query still remains.
  • Improved the initial portal loading experience for client users by making it faster.
  • Improved the design and spacing of tables everywhere in the product.
  • Improved the layout/padding for Partner and Custom Apps in the Copilot Dashboard. The new layout is a more accurate preview of what clients see in your portal.
  • Fixed a bug where full logos would sometimes appear blurry on the log in and sign up pages of your portal.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented full-screen viewing of images sent in the Messaging App.
  • Fixed a bug related to payment fee calculations for customers on pricing plans introduced on January 19th.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented back navigation on mobile when you navigated to a specific files or messaging channel.

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