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December 15, 2023

Hide message previews in emails

By default when clients receive Messaging App email notifications, those emails include the contents of your message. In some security-conscious industries, this is not something you want so we've added the ability to hide message previews in the Messaging App settings.

Improvements & Updates

  • On pages that support search, we've replaced the default browser search with our own search. This means you can now activate our custom search with Command/Control + F
  • If you have more than 99 notifications we now show 99+ beside the app icon vs the precise number.
  • [API] After creating a new API key you previously couldn't use it for a few minutes. API keys are now functional immediately.
  • [API] Added a attachementUrls property to the Form Responses resource. This makes it possible to use file attachments in a form response as part of an automation. For example, you can move file attachments to the Files App or back it up in an external service.
  • [API] Added a downloadURL property to the Files resource. Similar to the above enhancement this makes it easier to use file uploads as part of an automation.

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