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February 5, 2024

API enhancements

See our API docs for details about the new endpoints and updates.

  • Added a Get Workspaces endpoint. This endpoint is most useful for building dynamic Custom Apps as the endpoint returns properties including brandName, squareIconUrl, colorSidebarBackground, colorSidebarText, colorAccent, and font.
  • Added a Update Company endpoint.
  • Improved the Get Internal Users endpoint which now includes a isClientAccessLimited and companyAccessList property, making it clear what client access internal users have.
  • Improved the Get Files endpoint which is now paginated.
  • Removed lastActiveDate property on client resources. Updates to this property previously caused the client.updated webhook to fire too frequently. We're going to bring back activity data in the future with a dedicated activities endpoint.

Improvements and Updates

  • Improved email deliverability by adhering to Google's new email guidelines.
  • Drop downs across the products now clearly disambiguate clients and companies with dedicated headers and different styling (clients are represented by circles and companies are represented by squares).
  • When you delete a notification the next one below is now shown immediately after.
  • Improved the search experience in the notification center. You can now search by client and company names.
  • Improved rendering of the notification center on small screens.
  • Improved how PDFs load in the notification center for invoices and contracts. They now load faster and have a minimum size so that they're still clearly visible on small screens.
  • Fixed a bug where internal users and clients who create their accounts with Google did not get their profile picture set automatically.
  • Fixed an issue caused by a Stripe API change that prevented some scheduled subscriptions from starting in early February. If you were impacted we've reached out to you to fix any issues resulting from this.
  • Fixed the Latest submission column from being cut off on the contracts page.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the contracts page from loading fast if you had a very large number of contract submissions.
  • Fixed a bug that blocked contract creation for incorrectly named pdf files.
  • Fixed a bug where file uploads in the Files App would occasionally fail if you've had a very long active session in your browser.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Latest submission date on form responses to be set incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug that caused scrolling issues on mobile for the notification center, Files App, and Messages App.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Safari users to not see any file channels.

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