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March 19, 2024

One-off eSignature requests

The Contracts App we released two months ago came with support for reusable contract templates, but not one-off eSignature requests. You can now create one-off requests that don't clutter up the templates you have by switching off the template toggle when creating a contract.

Improvements & Updates

  • Embeds and Custom Apps now refresh when you click on them in the sidebar. This makes it easier to navigate back to the root URL.
  • If you have companies enabled and you create a client, we improved how we match companies based on email domain.
  • In the Contracts App, you can now add longer multi-line variable inputs.
  • Improved the loading behavior on invoices and subscriptions pages.
  • Improved the default sorting order for the Contracts App submissions and requests page.
  • Various UI improvements on the Settings > API page.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Helpdesk articles from updating in some rare scenarios.
  • Fixed a bug where for one-off eSignature requests PDFs were not being included in email notifications.
  • Fixed a client import bug where blank custom fields weren't handled correctly.
  • [API] Improved our API rate limiting infrastructure to protect against bad actors.
  • [API] Fixed a bug that prevented the creation of individual file channels.
  • [API] You can now send an uninvited client an email invite with the Update client endpoint.

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