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April 8, 2023

Continuous Deployments

For the last 2 years, we have aimed to release new features on a weekly cadence. This goal pushed our team to make progress quickly and deliver something valuable every 7 days. During this time we have also invested heavily in our engineering and testing infrastructure. Starting today, we are comfortable doing releases on a continuous basis, which generally means multiple times per day. When a new release is available, you will see a notification above. Simply refresh the page to receive the latest version of our software.

Improvements & Updates

  • Improved the real-time behavior for forms so that new form requests show immediately in the client experience without refreshing.
  • Streamlined the onboarding experience for new customers on by initializing new portals with resource cards that are industry and company size specific.
  • Improved the client import flow by adding tooltips and better copy.
  • Improved the design and consistency of the search experience across the product.
  • Improved the sorting logic on Form pages.
  • Fixed an edge cases where invoices showed incorrect due dates on the PDF in rare edge cases.
  • Fixed a bug where client import failed if you include internal user assignees that have been deleted.
  • Fixed a bug where duplicate company messaging channels were created when a client logs in the first time. This scenario only occurred in rare situations where there was already an existing company channel that was manually created.
  • Fixed a bug for where the messaging page had poor layout design on some screen sizes.

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