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May 19, 2022

No-company mode

Many businesses have customers who are individuals and the field "company" doesn't make any sense. On the Settings > General page, you can now turn off companies if you operate a business like this. When you turn off companies:

  • In the internal experience, the "Company" column is hidden on the CRM and you cannot create company-level channels or assign invoices/forms to companies.
  • In the client experience, clients do not see a Settings > Team page (where they could previously see other users on their team). The company field is also hidden in the direct sign-up experience.

Company-first mode

Many businesses are the opposite – they think of their customers by the company name rather than one or more associated individuals with a first and last name. To better support businesses like this, on Settings > General, you can now set the default channel for clients with companies to "Company channels" instead of "Individual client channels". When you set the default channel to company channels this means:

  • When you create a new client with a company that doesn't exist yet, a company-level messaging and company-level files channel will be created.
  • When you create a new client with a company that already exists, no new channels will be created. Instead, the client will join the existing company-level channels.

Note that along with the above changes, on the client details page you can now see all channels associated with the client – individual channels, group channels, and company channels as opposed to just the individual channel. You can also delete any channel, as long as the client has at least one channel left.

Improvements & Updates

  • Improved the experience of placing a block in the eSignatures flow. Previously, after dropping a block it occasionally moved a few pixels to the side. This should no longer happen, regardless of the zoom level in your browser.
  • Improved the design of icons and hover states on the CRM page.
  • Improved the stability of the mass message features. You can now send mass messages to 1000s of clients in one step.
  • Improved the copy and fixed some spelling mistakes in form-related email notifications.

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