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May 3, 2024

Custom Visibility for Apps

With custom visibility for apps, you can dynamically control which clients have access to an app. This lets you provide differentiated levels of service to clients. For example, you might only allow clients with custom field plan = premium access to schedule time with you (e.g. access to the Calendly App) and message you (e.g. access to our Messages App). You can also create dynamic onboarding experiences. For example, a new lead may need to sign a contract before they can access other parts of your portal. You can configure custom visibility for an app when setting up a new app or by navigating to the App Setup page and clicking Edit on a particular app. Check out the full blog post on how to make the best use of this new feature.

Improvements & Updates

  • Improved navigation in the Copilot Dashboard and portal experiences. It's now easier to navigate back to the previous page on both desktop on mobile.
  • In the Messages App we added an action to mark message channels unread and an action to bulk mark all messages channels as read.
  • In the Messages App we increased the word limit to 5,000 characters for new messages.
  • In the Messages App, if your welcome message uses rich text we now preview that correctly.
  • Updated the recommended resources and links that are surfaced on the home page.
  • Redesigned the notification counter on the sidebar.

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