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July 12, 2022

Form Automations

You can now set up automations that involve forms. You can read about the new form-specific endpoints and webhooks in our API documentation or look at the new triggers in our updated Zapier profile. With the new automations you can:

  • Automatically assign a form to a client if something happens in your portal or externally. For example, if you have an onboarding form you can set it up so that clients are assigned the form when they log in the first time.
  • Use form response data in your portal or externally. For example, you can use form response data to update custom field values in your portal or to fill out information in an external CRM.

Client Branding

When your clients are logged in to your portal, previously they would always see your portal name and icon in the sidebar. With our new client branding option, you can customize the client experience so that clients alternatively see their associated company name and icon in the sidebar. This option is only available if you have have companies enabled in your portal.

Improvements & Updates

  • Redesigned the command bar so it stands out more and is easier to navigate.
  • Improved the experience of using the sidebar and clicking on items with sub-sections on mobile devices.
  • Improved the design of buttons and fixed a visual bug where after clicking on a button it would sometimes not revert to an unselected state.
  • Fixed a bug where on the command bar client images were not getting updated.

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