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22 unique gift ideas for clients that actually make sense

Feb 23, 2024
  • 11 min read
  • Omid G

    You know those clients who feel like friends after the time and energy spent bringing a vision to life together? I know I’ve definitely felt this on my journey as a freelance marketer — especially in the beginning when companies gave me a chance when I didn’t have much client experience.

    Given my love language is giving gifts, finding the perfect gift to drive home gratitude just feels right. But, I don't need to tell you it's tough deciding what gift can match the right sentiment without veering cheesy or overly personal.

    If you’re reading this, chances are you feel the same way as I do about gifting people you feel grateful for. So, in this article, we’ll go over 22 different gift ideas for clients you can give at any time of the year. Alright, let’s get into it.

    Do you (really) need to offer a gift to your clients?

    First things first, let's address the proverbial elephant in the room. Do service providers and agencies actually need to be gifting clients and partners throughout the year?

    It's a fair question. While not strictly mandatory, a small token of appreciation around major milestones or holidays comes with solid benefits:

    • Shows appreciation and strengthens relationships
    • Makes them feel truly valued for choosing to work with you
    • Creates goodwill and positive associations with your business
    • Makes them more likely to refer others to you

    Most importantly, gifts show you're thinking of them specifically — not just sealing another paycheck before rushing off to hound new leads.

    How to give gifts to clients 

    Gifting clients might seem straightforward, but a few minor tweaks can mean the difference between a gift that delights and one that confuses. Here are five dos and don'ts when selecting client gifts:


    • Make it useful. Choose practical items they'll enjoy instead of more clutter for their office.
    • Keep it professional. Steer clear of anything too personal to avoid making things awkward.
    • Consider their tastes. Know their hobbies or interests? Gifts along those lines show extra care.
    • Include a handwritten note. Personalize it to build the relationship.


    • Break the bank. Lavish gifts could make them uncomfortable. Keep costs modest.
    • Give cash. It seems transactional versus thoughtful.
    • Make it all about you. Branding is okay, but don't go overboard. It's for them first.

    22 best gift ideas for clients that just make sense

    The best client gifts are helpful, practical, and interesting enough to brighten their day.

    Here are over 22 gift ideas for clients:

    1. Stress relief items
    2. Tech accessory
    3. Coffee table style book
    4. Snack variety pack
    5. Gift card for coffee or meals
    6. Wine with a custom label
    7. Insulated travel mug or water bottle
    8. Succulent or small houseplant
    9. Noise-canceling headphones
    10. Fitness tracker
    11. Streaming service subscription
    12. Premium tea or coffee sampler
    13. Online course in a hobby
    14. Free consultation call
    15. Virtual Reality headset
    16. Language learning software
    17. Custom illustrations, icons, or stickers
    18. Movie gift card and popcorn snacks
    19. Donation in their name to a charity they care about
    20. Leather padfolio or laptop case
    21. Tickets to a sports event or music festival
    22. Ergonomic office accessories

    Alright, let's look at some examples of each one of these.

    1. Stress relief items

    Lush bath products

    We live in stressful times where everybody can use a bit of stress relief. Give your client's well-being a boost with gifts aimed at self-care and relaxation. For instance, quality essential oil diffusers can create calming spaces at home or in the office. Or, consider bath bombs from soothing brands like Lush.

    If your client's sleep schedule is hectic, a weighted blanket promotes feelings of calm and comfort. Eye masks do the same thing. Mindfulness subscriptions like Headspace for guided meditation sessions are always a good idea.

    The goal here is to show you care about their physical and emotional well-being, so choose thoughtful and practical items.

    2. Tech accessory

    Ugmonk products

    A high-quality phone stand is a great tech gift that clients will appreciate. Compatible with smartphones and tablets, they are available in materials like aluminum, bamboo, and acrylic. Your client can see their device screen during video calls, follow recipes in the kitchen, watch shows from bed, and more. This affordable and functional present checks all the boxes.

    For the client, always on the go, a wireless phone charger adds convenience and reduces clutter to their desks. Rather than fussing with cables whenever they need a charge, they can simply place their phone on the charging pad. These ultra-slim pads fit under laptops, nightstands, or desks to provide power whenever needed. Combine it with an external battery backup for extra assurance they'll stay charged up on business trips.

    Ugmonk has some great, high-quality stuff if you want to check them out.

    3. Coffee table style book

    Know a client interested in art, architecture, fashion, or more? A glossy hardcover book tied to their passion is sure to please. There are plenty of options to choose from, like a new city guide for the frequent traveler. Or a stunning photography portfolio from National Geographic photographers for the nature enthusiast. And for a client with an eye for design, consider a coffee table book featuring iconic furniture pieces or interior designs.

    These have practical uses, too! Coffee table books can enhance a reception area. Clients may use them to create a conversation piece in a waiting room or display them on an office bookshelf.

    Check out this list of the most giftable coffee table books, created by New York Magazine.

    4. Snack variety pack

    Gift clients a gourmet breaktime bundle filled with sweet and savory treats perfect for deskside grazing. Elevate the standard granola bars and candy routine with niche specialty finds! Good ideas include:

    • Assorted fancy cheeses and cured meats
    • Sweet and salty trail mixes with nuts, chocolate, and dried fruit
    • A petite fours tower with mini eclairs, tarts, macarons and more
    • "Heatwave" basket with hot sauces, spicy snacks, and savory spreads

    A good place to start is Amazon. But there are also many other great brands out there that provide snack packs that you should look into.

    5. Gift card for coffee or meals

    Want to give your client a reason to enjoy a welcome break? A gift card to a popular cafe or lunch spot near their office gives them a chance to recharge while you foot the bill. Sweeten it by adding a tumbler, insulated bag, or other useful accessory to accompany the credit. A Starbucks tumbler full of their favorite latte is sure to equal an appreciated treat.

    If they tend to dine with team members, a gift card that is usable for group meals also works nicely. Gather their office preferences for cuisines and neighborhoods, then select a well-liked restaurant. Italian spots with shareable antipasti plates would make a thoughtful gift.

    Don't forget to include enough for the whole crew or leadership team when gifting meals. Applying extra credit makes sure no one feels left out.

    6. Wine with a custom label

    For VIP clients, combining their love of wine with personalized design equals a memorable gift sure to impress. Start conceptualizing a custom wine bottle label showcasing visuals tailored to their personality, industry niche, or even inside jokes between your teams.

    Work with a label printing shop on a slim, rectangular shape mimicking the dimensions of actual wine labels. If warranted, incorporate brand-appropriate colors, iconic imagery, clever slogans, or even caricatures of company leadership.

    Uncorked has a large selection of wine-related gifts if you want to check them out here.

    7. Insulated travel mug or water bottle

    Staying hydrated is tough when you're grinding hard at work all day. Help clients stay refreshed with a high-quality insulated mug or bottle. Something as simple as this can make a big difference throughout their busy workday.

    Choose durable stainless steel that is guaranteed to keep drinks icy cold for 24+ hours. Look to all-stars like Yeti, Swell, Fellow (my favorite), or HydroFlask. They're light enough to travel but sweat-proof for big meetings. Many have stainless builds, double-walled insulation to lock temps, and lids that last.

    Toss in bonus tea bags or instant coffee packets — they always pair nicely with well-made containers built to retain heat.

    8. Succulent or small houseplant

    In addition to their zen stress-busting qualities, a cute succulent or mini houseplant greens up desk spaces and purifies office air. Mini cacti and plants thrive on desks with some sunshine and weekly watering - perfect for busy travel schedules.

    Have fun picking unusual plants rather than just standard pothos or peace lilies. Mini pine bonsai trees sculpted for generations symbolize resilience. Vivid air plants in geometric glass resemble living art. For people lacking windows, self-watering planters prevent shriveling.

    9. Noise-canceling headphones

    We all know that ambient noise hurts concentration, performance, and peace. Think open floor plans, construction, or pressured commutes. Help clients reclaim focus by gifting high-end noise-canceling headphones instead.

    Premium models (Sony, Bose, Airpods Max) use embedded mics to detect and dampen external sounds across frequencies. Traffic, clicks, and chatter all fade to silence up to 95% of the time.

    Let them pick over-ear or sleek in-canal for comfort. They may use them for sales calls, creative sessions, travel naps, or visiting clients. One thing's for sure: these will see daily use!

    10. Fitness tracker

    You can also promote healthy habits by gifting sleek fitness tracker watches or bands. Whether training for a race or aiming for daily movement goals, data insights make targets more tangible.

    Top models from WHOOP, Fitbit, Garmin, and Apple seamlessly sync activity metrics to their phones — steps, calories, heart rate, sleep quality, and more.

    Choose ones with stylish bands and responsive touchscreens. Premium materials like steel or woven textiles add durability.

    11. Streaming service subscription

    Treat someone to a year of unlimited entertainment! Gifted subscriptions to Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+ are quick and easy to give. Now, they can binge all their favorite shows anytime without paying.

    Sweeten it by including home theater-themed snacks — popcorn, candy, or cookies to munch while enjoying it.

    12. Premium tea or coffee sampler

    TWG tea gifts

    This one's for the client who starts each morning with a brew. Gift a world tour of gourmet beans, loose-leaf teas, or pod assortments showcasing incredible flavors. Let their taste buds try rare single-origin coffees from Ethiopia and Costa Rica. Or tea treasures from London or Asia's most lush highland gardens.

    Fuel their passion for pursuing caffeine's finest and most adventuresome varieties from around the globe!

    I personally love TWG Tea and it’s something I’ve gifted to a client before — they have some of the best tasting teas (in my opinion).

    13. Online course in a hobby

    Expand your client's expertise into photography mastery or cocktail mixology techniques through the gift of virtual online learning courses. Sites like SkillShare and CreativeLive offer video tutorials by industry experts. These cover everything from the basics to intricate skills — no travel required.

    There are lighting and editing workshops where photographers can polish Instagram feed quality. Or home bar academics teaching the exacting science of mixology. They'll be crafting espresso martinis, whiskey sours, and custom infusions at your next meeting!

    Enrollment codes allow full access to deep course libraries across specialties. An education in passion areas makes for powerful presents!

    14. Free consultation call

    Surprise a VIP client with a gift certificate for a complimentary 30 or 60-minute consultation call with you or a strategist on your team. Use the opportunity to offer tailored advice related to current website challenges, sales prospecting approaches, PR strategy brainstorming, or, more specifically, to difficulties they navigate in business.

    Now that's first-class positive impression-making. Show you continue seeking new ways to boost their outcomes beyond the project scope. Let them see you as a partner invested in their larger success story. While this gift costs only time, it represents care at the highest level — what price can possibly compare?

    15. Virtual Reality headset

    Introduce tech-loving clients to state-of-the-art virtual reality. Oculus headsets or Apple Vision Pro are designed for immersive gaming, trips, and work without leaving home.

    Beyond gaming, creative fields embrace VR for architectural walkthroughs, experiential prototype previews, emotional perspective-taking exercises, and building empathy across teams. The applications stay vast.

    Gift basic setups for entry-level VR, all the way to higher-end bundles, with hand controllers that take realism to the next level. Let clients escape reality's constraints through alternate dimensions tailored just for them.

    16. Language learning software

    Fuel international clients' cross-cultural capabilities with gifted subscriptions to leading language apps. Duolingo and Rosetta Stone are trendy options. Mastering grammar and vocabulary both in everyday interactions or niche industry situations remains invaluable as companies expand overseas.

    Help them begin speaking strategic tongues aligned with upcoming market locales. Think Mandarin for Asian partner pushes or Spanish for more fluid Latin America deals. Even small chatter gains build operational confidence and local goodwill at international HQs. The gift of lingual fluency stays ever-practical across global growth.

    17. Custom illustrations, icons, or stickers

    Commission a freelance graphic artist to hand-draw a gorgeous scene conveying your client's essence. Or, get them to create branded merch (be careful with copyright).

    You can even inject personality into reports with expressive characters and motifs meaningful to them. Adapt the illustration into a full iconography set or printed sticker packs perfect for laptops, journals, presentations, and more for maximum visibility and utility.

    18. Movie gift card and popcorn snacks

    This themed gift is perfect for surprising hometown clients or remote teams with a care package. The set includes cinema gift cards, bags of microwave popcorn, boxes of theater candy, and maybe even some 3D glasses! It takes the whole family out for a fun movie night while covering most costs outside tickets.

    It's a unique, thoughtful gesture for connecting with clients more personally.

    19. Donation in their name to a charity they care about

    Show clients you admire their spirit of social responsibility. Choose a nonprofit aligned with causes close to their heart for a monetary donation made in their honor. Attach a printed certificate and heartfelt handwritten letter acknowledging the good they have already contributed to the world.

    Here are some examples of well-respected charities based on client interests:

    • Soup kitchens for clients passionate about social justice
    • LGBTQ+ youth centers for clients passionate about equality
    • Animal shelters for clients with a soft spot for furry friends
    • Environmental groups for eco-conscious clients

    20. Leather padfolio or laptop case

    Next, aim to keep clients equipped for important pitches, board meetings, and frequent travels. A functional (yet classy) leather carrying case sized to fit their work essentials is very thoughtful. Choose between slim leather pads fitting an e-reader, tablet, or 13" laptop. There are also expanded briefcase styles with plenty of inner organizer pockets able to swallow larger 15" laptops alongside essential documents.

    Constructed of only the finest leather in rich shades of brown and black, these accessories pair durable protection with elevated style. Monogram client initials for an ultra custom gift.

    21. Tickets to a sports event or music festival

    Surprise hometown clients with a fabulous night out at a monster truck rally, pro basketball game, or other exhilarating live experience convenient for them. Make it a mini-vacation with hotel stays and pre-paid meals included.

    Out-of-towners will appreciate tickets transferred digitally. Gift card rebates for any related costs like airfare and rental cars are also thoughtful.

    22. Ergonomic office accessories

    Last but not least, let's not forget about the office. For clients who spend endless hours typing, swiping, and clicking away at desks, optimize their setup for comfort.

    Considering gifting ergonomic accessories like:

    • Wireless keyboards
    • Laptop risers and stands
    • Monitor mounts
    • Ergonomic chairs
    • Wrist cushions
    • Blue light screen protectors
    • Other functional helpers that boost productivity by reducing strain.

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