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10 best marketing agency software built for growth

Mar 19, 2024Omid G
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    I’ve always been obsessed with knowing everything there is to learn about marketing. But when I started my marketing agency, I was still in for a few surprises.

    Marketing is hyper-competitive, and as anyone who has started an agency knows, landing your first few good clients takes time and effort. However, what intrigued me most was how important client retention was.

    Effective client retention requires several different things, like impeccable onboarding, efficient project management, and access to marketing agency software that can prove campaign effectiveness and return on investment (ROI) to your clients.

    I went through a long process of trial and error to unearth the right tools for the job, but you don’t have to. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of marketing agency software, what features you need, and list the ten best tools on the market today.

    What is marketing agency software?

    Marketing agency software refers to the blend of tools you need to run a fast-growing marketing agency. The thing is, marketing involves a lot of different processes, from running campaigns to managing projects to setting up and measuring metrics.

    Choosing the right tools depends on the size of your agency and the scope of your projects. Some of the key things you need to look out for are client onboarding tools, payments, project management, and content automation.

    Essentially, marketing agency software is anything that helps you run your agency and bring value to your clients.

    What should you look for in marketing agency software?

    The best marketing agency tools help you focus on building a strong relationship with your client by meeting their needs. Here are a few things to look out for when evaluating a product.


    Busy marketing agencies are under pressure to produce quick results. However, delivering for clients requires a lot of different tasks that need to be done with precision. Marketing automation capabilities are instrumental in saving time by automating many of the mundane and rule-based tasks involved in good marketing.


    No tool can do it all. The best and most successful marketing agencies use software stacks with tools that excel at their respective tasks and can easily interface with their centralized platform. As such, integration is crucial so you can have a single source of truth to call upon while retaining enough flexibility to fit around your workflow.

    Collaboration tools

    Marketing is a team effort. Even if you’re a one-person agency, you’ve still got to work with clients and ensure that projects and campaigns turn out the way they want. Collaboration tools are essential for marketing teams to get around the table and hatch the plans that turn into revenue. In an era of remote work, digital collaboration tools have rarely been more important.

    Client portal software is essential for marketing agencies. It’s not just about centralizing communications, payments, and deliverables; it’s also about ensuring your marketing agency looks professional.

    Project management

    Marketing projects have many moving parts. Individual campaigns, brainstorming sessions, meetings, clients, and deadlines are all part and parcel of getting a product in front of an interested audience.

    Project management tools help you assign tasks, manage resources, and track budgets, milestones, and KPIs. If you want to scale and grow your agency, good project management is non-negotiable.


    Finally, no self-respecting marketing agency could work without a way to measure campaign results. Whether it’s about SEO, revenue generation, campaign views, conversions, or any other metrics, marketing teams need rock-solid analytics to prove they are getting results for their clients.

    10 best marketing agency software in 2024

    Now, what you’ve been waiting for: our list of the ten best marketing agency software on the market in 2024. As you’ll notice, each tool is suitable for different marketing tasks. However, when put together, they would form a comprehensive and fearsome software stack for modern agencies.

    Here are our top picks for the best marketing agency software:

    1. Copilot (best for client management)
    2. Notion (best for project management)
    3. Sprout Social (best for social media campaigns)
    4. Clay (best for outbound client acquisition)
    5. Ahrefs (best for competitor website analysis)
    6. Looker Studio (best for simple reporting dashboards)
    7. Letterdrop (best for content operation management)
    8. Webflow (best for building your agency website)
    9. Pitch (best for creating client presentations)
    10. Miro (best for brainstorming creative ideas)

    Let’s take a deeper look at each of these.

    1. Copilot

    • Best for: Subscription service agencies who are managing a large roster of clients

    Copilot is laser-focused on providing agencies with premier onboarding and project management tools. This user-friendly no-code tool lets agencies build slick and professional-looking branded portals that make client engagement simple, centralized, and efficient.

    Marketing agencies have many needs when it comes to delighting their clients. Copilot directly solves them thanks to a suite of client-focused tools. Client portals help you develop strong relationships and communications through a secure messaging app and file sharing, while onboarding is made simple through elegant forms and hassle-free automation.

    However, perhaps most interestingly to marketing agencies, you can create and manage contracts and process payments through Copilot, and integrate a wealth of apps to augment our solution.

    Copilot is robust, flexible, and perfectly suited to modern marketing agencies. Check out the marketing agency demo portal here.

    Copilot notable features

    Copilot comes with a lot of features to run your marketing agency right out of the box. But, you can also integrate it with your existing tools to bring your entire tech stack under one roof. Here are some of Copilot’s notable features:

    • Automated client onboarding helps teams integrate new clients seamlessly
    • Superb billing management tool that supports branded invoice creation, subscription management, and checkouts
    • Integration with your software stack
    • Custom app building that supports your dream workflow

    Copilot pricing

    Copilot offers flexible pricing based on clients, usage, and features. If you pay annually, the price per internal user starts at:

    • Basic: $29 per month
    • Professional: $69 per month
    • Advanced: $119 per month
    • Supersonic: Custom pricing

    Copilot reviews

    Copilot is a well-reviewed software with excellent scores on reputable sites, including:

    • G2: 4.8/5“Easy to use interface is a gamechanger.”
    • Capterra: 4.9/5“We have tried so many customer portal products and what sets this one apart is modern design.”
    • Product Hunt: 5/5“Incredibly supportive in streamlining and scaling my business.” 

    2. Notion

    • Best for: Marketing agencies who want flexibility at a reasonable price

    Notion is an accomplished collaboration tool that can adjust and adapt to your marketing agency's requirements. When you have unique workflows or customization needs, it’s just what you need. Perhaps the most attractive element of Notion is its pure flexibility. It can genuinely help teams consolidate their software stacks because of the breadth of its capabilities.

    However, Notion has limitations compared to Copilot. While it offers users integration options, you can’t build your own custom apps. What’s more, it lacks Copilot’s payment processing abilities, which won’t work for every marketing agency. Yet, if all your agency needs is a productivity tool, it’s a nice choice.

    While Notion is an excellent tool, its complexity comes at a cost. Implementation could be more straightforward, and the learning curve is steep. However, thanks to features like the AI assistant and the tool's overall complexity, the sky's the limit.

    Notion notable features

    Notion is a good option for marketing agencies thanks to some excellent features, including:

    • Superb shared calendar tool
    • Centralized portal for clients
    • Project management tool
    • Slick knowledge base functionality
    • AI assistant
    • Powerful relational database feature

    Notion pricing

    Notion offers a free, albeit limited version. Price per user starts at:

    • Plus: $8 per month
    • Business: $15 per month
    • Enterprise: Custom pricing

    Notion reviews

    Notion is a popular software tool, which is reflected in its impressive ratings.

    • G2: 4.7/5 — “It's easy to use and it just works.”
    • Capterra: 4.7/5 — “ It's a digital Swiss Army knife for task management.”
    • Product Hunt: 4.8/5 — “It's like a mix of Trello, Google Docs, and Evernote all rolled into one.”

    3. Sprout Social

    Sprout Social
    • Best for: Marketing agencies managing social media accounts

    Sprout Social is one of the best-known names in marketing. It excels at content scheduling, allowing users to publish their social posts at the optimal time. Another thing that Sprout Social is well-known for is its social monitoring and listening tools.

    The other big benefit for marketing teams is the ability to track campaigns. The data analytics are very impressive and allow for real-time tracking, which allows teams to make data-driven decisions and gain a better understanding of their users.

    Sprout Social notable features

    Sprout Social is packed with features that will delight many marketing agencies, including:

    • A user-friendly social scheduling tool that allows you to time your posts
    • Social listening tools to monitor mentions and resolve any issues
    • Analytics and reporting tools to track campaign effectiveness

    Sprout Social pricing

    Sprout Social definitely has a higher pricing range. While it does offer a 30-day free trial, the price per monthly user is:

    • Standard: $199 per month
    • Professional: $299 per month
    • Advanced: $399 per month
    • Enterprise: Custom pricing

    4. Clay

    • Best for: Marketing agencies with a focus on high-velocity marketing campaigns

    Clay is a relationship management tool that helps teams build lead lists, enrich data, and automate their outreach. You can enter your own contacts from your CRM or find leads on LinkedIn, Google Maps, HubSpot, etc. From there, Clay adds relevant information from over 150 data sources, making your list rich and detailed.

    Clay also offers AI that can write emails and automate their distribution. It’s an incredible time saver that will suit fast-growing businesses.

    As marketing agency software goes, Clay is pretty special for email outreach. It’s a sophisticated and unique software that cuts down reliance on data providers. However, perhaps Clay’s biggest strength lies in its slick interface and polished design. It’s easy to use and a perfect choice for teams that want to scale their operations, thanks to its neat automation features.

    While Clay has decent project management functions, they aren’t quite up to spec with its rivals. But that’s not really the point. The strengths of the tool lie in its ability to scale up outreach and stuff your lead pipeline full of contacts.

    Clay notable features

    Clay has a lot of strong features, including:

    • Fantastic list-building capabilities
    • CRM enrichment from over 50 data sources
    • Personalized email composition to help scale your outreach

    Clay pricing

    Clay offers a free 14-day trial alongside a range of tiers, which are:

    • Starter: $149 per month
    • Explorer: $349 per month
    • Pro: $800 per month
    • Enterprise: Custom pricing

    5. Ahrefs

    • Best for: Marketing agencies with a strong focus on SEO

    Ahrefs is one of the most reputable vendors in the SEO game. It can help with keyword research, SEO analysis, tracking backlinks, and providing excellent insights into your organic traffic. For marketing agencies that are focused on providing their clients with long-term gains, it’s an essential tool.

    Of course, Ahrefs is an established player that uses detailed and complex software. The learning curve is steep for newcomers, and so is the price. However, it provides in-depth analysis that you need to bring your SEO to the next level.

    Ahrefs notable features

    Ahrefs comes with some excellent features, including:

    • Superb, user-friendly interface
    • A comprehensive suite of SEO tools that facilitate keyword research, competitor analysis, and SEO performance
    • Content Explore, which helps you identify what content is performing well in your vertical

    Ahrefs pricing

    Ahrefs offers tiered pricing based on usage and credit. Here’s the breakdown:

    • Lite: $99 per month
    • Standard: $179 per month
    • Advanced: $399 per month
    • Enterprise: $999 per month

    6. Looker Studio

    Looker Studio
    • Best for: Marketing agencies with a focus on presentation

    Looker Studio is a free marketing reporting tool for Google. It plays well with other tools in the Google marketing ecosystem, including Google Ads, GA4, Sheets, etc. One of Looker Studio’s primary selling points is its exceptional data visualization functionality. For marketing teams, this means they can not only stay on top of campaigns via customized dashboards but also present the data visually to their clients.

    While Looker Studio is easy to pick up, even for beginners, some of its more advanced features require some technical know-how. However, it’s a great way to track campaigns, particularly for Google Ads.

    Looker Studio best features

    Looker Studio is a great tool to have in your arsenal thanks to some great features like:

    • Seamless integration with Google Ads, GA4, and Google Sheets
    • Simple tool with a minimal learning curve
    • Powerful customization options with dashboards and data visualization

    Looker Studio price

    Looker Studio is free for Google users.

    7. Letterdrop

    • Best for: Marketing agencies that focus on organic content and SEO

    Letterdrop is a content marketing and SEO tool created by an ex-Google Product Manager. Its USP lies in its ability to help users create and distribute content that is designed to satisfy user intent in an era where SEO is changing rapidly.

    As an AI-powered SEO content tool, Letterbox focuses on keyword research, content optimization, internal linking, and distribution. Its integration with LinkedIn is particularly interesting because it helps your entire team publish content with a strong focus on pipeline and revenue generation.

    Letterdrop best features

    Letterdrop is a fast-growing content marketing tool thanks to some excellent features like:

    • AI-assisted content generation
    • Ease of use
    • Revenue attribution reports that help you understand which content is most effective

    Letterdrop pricing

    Letterdrop offers a free 14-day trial and two pricing tiers, which are:

    • Growth: $995 per month
    • Enterprise: Custom pricing

    8. Webflow

    Webflow for marketing agencies
    • Best for: Marketing agencies who want to take their websites to the next level

    Webflow is a superb no-code web development tool. It allows non-technical users to create slick and responsive websites that stand out from the crowd, giving your agency the veneer of professionalism you need to instill your clients with confidence.

    The powerful Webflow visual editor is capable of building custom websites, blogs, e-commerce stores, etc. It also has strong integration features with third-party services, comes with a CMS tool, and takes care of your web hosting. While it’s a great choice for your own agency website, it also lets you build websites for clients, adding an extra dimension to your offer.

    Webflow best features

    Weblow is one of the best website builders out there thanks to excellent features, which include:

    • Excellent no-code functionality
    • Creates excellent and visually impactful websites
    • CMS tool
    • E-commerce capabilities

    Webflow pricing

    Webflow offers a very limited free version, plus different tiers based on usage and features:

    • Basic: $14 per month
    • CMS: $23 per month
    • Business: $39 per month
    • Enterprise: Custom price

    9. Pitch

    • Best for: Marketing agencies who want to help clients pitch

    Pitching is an important part of a solid marketing approach. While there are lots of apps out there to assist you with the job, Pitch is a dedicated pitching tool that comes stuffed with cool features that help you sell.

    There is a lot to love about Pitch. It’s highly collaborative, meaning your team can work on creating pitches together. What’s more, this intuitive tool comes with customizable templates with great visuals. Finally, it also has good reporting and analytics tools, so you can track how clients respond to your pitches.

    Make no mistake: Pitch is an excellent marketing agency software tool for teams that need high-quality presentations with a quick turnaround.

    Pitch best features

    Pitch is a great pitching tool because of some great features like:

    • Very intuitive and user-friendly
    • Professional looking templates
    • Superb collaboration environments
    • Good analytics tool

    Pitch pricing

    Pitch offers a free version alongside two paid tiers:

    • Pro: $25 per month
    • Business: $100 per month

    10. Miro

    • Best for: Marketing teams with a strong focus on collaboration

    Last but not least, Miro is a brainstorming and collaboration tool. This flexible software is not a dedicated piece of marketing agency software. However, it can excel at the task thanks to its excellent collaboration functionality.

    Miro is great for mind maps, process mapping, and project management. It’s visual, engaging, and user-friendly, and especially useful for dispersed teams. If you need to work on a team project or get around the whiteboard with your clients, you can’t go too wrong with Miro.

    Miro best features

    Miro has some excellent features that will appeal to marketing agencies, including:

    • Incredible versatility and customization options
    • Great brainstorming and idea-sharing functionality
    • Excellent portal for marketing agencies and clients
    • Elegant visual design

    Miro pricing

    Miro offers a limited free version, plus some other tiers:

    • Starter: $8 per month
    • Business: $16 per month
    • Enterprise: Custom price


    There are many different ways to get your product to market. Different solutions and target audiences require different approaches. If you want success, you need versatility in both your approach and your marketing agency software.

    Our list of 10 marketing agency tools represents the diversity of tools modern agencies need, from web design to SEO to data analytics that facilitates data-driven decisions.

    However, perhaps most important of all, you need a way to connect with clients and manage projects. Copilot’s first-class client portals help you centralize client communications and streamline collaborations and workflows. With fantastic automation options, custom apps, and subscription management features, Copilot is the perfect choice for marketing agencies and other service professionals.

    If you want to grow and scale your business and take your customer relations into a better place, try Copilot today.

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