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300+ travel agency names and ideas to help inspire yours

Feb 12, 2024
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  • Omid G

    Picking the right name for your travel agency is an important first step in making your business vision a reality. Your agency name will show up everywhere — branding, invoices, contracts — so it should capture your specialty, personality, and plans to grow.

    This article looks at different types of travel agencies and suggests hundreds of potential names in different categories to spark ideas. Read on for insights and inspiration as you name your company!

    Tips for naming your travel agency

    Naming your travel biz is about more than just a clever name. Your name sets the tone for your whole brand and shows how you help clients fulfill their travel dreams. As you brainstorm names, keep these tips in mind:

    Show off what you do

    What is rule #1 when naming a travel agency? Make sure your specialty is clear. Tour companies, cruise sellers, niche travel agents — your name should instantly tell people what you do. This helps attract great customers by setting expectations around your services.

    When potential clients get what you offer, they can tell if you're a fit for their needs.

    Share your personality

    Your company name also captures the heart of your business. It hints at what makes you tick - your passions, perspectives, and what makes your approach unique.

    Ask yourself: What values do I operate under? What travel principles guide me? You don't need to lay out detailed philosophies. But well-chosen words give a taste of your travel style to hook the right folks.

    Be memorable

    Being descriptive ties into showcasing your specialty. A name that tells people what you do sticks in their minds and spreads brand awareness by word-of-mouth.

    But you also want something unique and fresh. Short, snappy names using rhymes, wordplay, or travel symbols make you pop.

    Allow room to grow

    While you probably start by specializing, ensure your name leaves room to expand someday. Many travel agents start a niche and then add more trips once they build a client base. Leave space to add cruise or family vacation planning down the road. See if your dream name limits you or offers flexibility.

    Check availability & trademarks

    This one's obvious but critical: search online to see if your desired name exists. Look nationwide for same-name travel businesses to avoid confusion between brands. Ideally, grab matching URLs, social handles, and trademarks to own your name fully. You can use a website like Namechk to quickly search if your name is available across various social media platforms.

    Also, be mindful of any trademarks for existing names. If you plan on starting a travel agency in the US, be sure to browse through the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) search database. If you’re outside of the US, be sure to check with your local laws and regulations.

    Types of travel agency names

    With so many kinds of travel companies, it's smart to pick a name tailored to your specialty. Every sector takes its own approach to descriptive, memorable titles.

    As we break down popular niches, decide how to highlight your ideal travel specialty through naming. Here are the niches we will go through:

    Tour operators

    Experts at leading guided adventures and tour operators handle all trip logistics — from 10 to 10,000 guests. Their names often emphasize exciting global places that highlight their destinations and options.

    Creative names of the amazing spots they travel to clearly share their worldwide travel knowledge.

    Creative names

    Clever plays on words related to globetrotting, hinting at their itineraries' excitement while showing off expertise.

    1. Wanderway Journeys
    2. Footloose Tours
    3. Exploranova Expeditions
    4. Venturous Ventures
    5. Off the Map Adventures
    6. The Uncharted Route
    7. Scenic Sojourns
    8. Discovery Trekking Co.
    9. Trekterranean Travels
    10. Alpenglow Expeditions
    11. Unbounded Excursions
    12. Whereaway Trips
    13. Scenic Route Tours
    14. Voyager Vacation Packages
    15. Wanderlust Jaunts

    Modern & minimalist

    On the flip side, many contemporary tour companies opt for streamlined, simple names without all the linguistic bells and whistles. Clean, minimalist names put the focus on reputation rather than showy words.

    1. Latitude Travel
    2. Horizon Journeys
    3. Pathfinders Global Travel
    4. Urban Adventures
    5. Metro Expeditions
    6. Venture Out Vacations
    7. The Expedition Company
    8. Urban Trekker Vacations
    9. Jetcity Journeys
    10. City Link Adventures
    11. Moment Voyages
    12. Ultra Travels
    13. Geo Journey Vacations
    14. Metro Wanderers
    15. Worldwide Traveling Ltd

    Rhythmic & alliterative

    When it comes to stick-in-your-head tour operator names, rhyme and repetition do the trick. Brands that rhyme or use alliteration find the phrases roll right off the tongue and stick in travelers' minds. Playing with rhythm by repeating exciting destinations is another memorable go-to.

    1. Peak & Pine Expeditions
    2. Salt & Sea Adventures
    3. Ramble & Roam Tours
    4. Trek & Travel Company
    5. Rustic & Remote Journeys
    6. Alpine Adventures Unlimited
    7. Hill & Hamlet Excursions
    8. Trail & Train Vacations
    9. Woodland & Waterfall Tours
    10. Canyons & Cascades Treks
    11. Desert & Delta Expeditions
    12. Alpine Ascents & Descents
    13. Contour & Countryside Travels
    14. Rivers & Rainforest Trekking

    Travel advisors

    In contrast to pre-packaged group trips, dedicated travel consultants become trusted partners through highly tailored guidance based on each client's wish list. Their exceptional customer service means getting to know travelers to craft customized vacations intimately.

    Rather than spotlighting destinations, advisors focus names on making clients feel cared for and understood. Putting "personalized" front and center reassures its bespoke trips, not prefab.

    Personalized names

    Travel advisor names play up special attention by putting that custom fit front and center.

    1. Journeys Your Way
    2. Plan My Perfect Trip
    3. Ideal Getaways
    4. Made For You Travels
    5. Dream Journeys Come True
    6. Custom Travel Quests
    7. Tailor Made Adventures
    8. Unique Vacations Planned
    9. Crafted Journeys
    10. Paths Less Traveled
    11. My Personal Voyager
    12. Your Journey My Mission
    13. Plan it My Way Travel
    14. Your Personal World Tour
    15. Curating Your Adventure

    Descriptive names

    Many advisors also incorporate niche descriptors into names to telegraph specialized expertise certain demographics covet.

    1. Global Journeys Travel
    2. Worldwide Trekking Adventures
    3. Premier Travel Planners
    4. Elite Excursion Planners
    5. Five Star Journeys
    6. Luxury Voyages
    7. Dream Destinations Come True
    8. Exceptional Escapes
    9. Journey of a Lifetime Travel
    10. Epic Odyssey Consultants
    11. Boutique Trip Designers
    12. The Travel Tailors
    13. Exquisite Voyage Crafters
    14. Affluent Journeys Agency
    15. Distinctive World Travel
    16. Opulent Itineraries Inc.

    Specialty travel

    Then there are agencies going all-in, only designing certain trip types like adventure, luxury, or group tours. These players specifically want to attract fans of those categories searching for travel in tune with specific getaways.

    Names shine best when hyper-evocative of what makes the trips extraordinary within their specialty.

    Adventure & outdoor names

    Thrill-seekers choose agencies specializing in active vacations and off-grid excursions for the chance to challenge themselves in remote destinations rarely seen by mainstream tourists. Their branding spotlights high adventure.

    Descriptors evoke action, challenge, and venturing off the beaten path without sacrificing luxury between daring activities.

    1. Active Adventures Unlimited
    2. Adrenaline Journeys
    3. Off the Beaten Path Expeditions
    4. Into the Wild
    5. Unleashed Expeditions
    6. Experience Wilderness
    7. Trailblazers Unlimited
    8. Pathbreakers Adventures
    9. Venture Outdoors Co
    10. Trail Trekkers International
    11. Outdoor Enthusiasts Adventures
    12. Outside Journeys
    13. Xpedition
    14. Off the Map
    15. Uncharted Outposts
    16. Epic Quest Adventures
    17. Beyond Boundaries Excursions
    18. Wild Frontier
    19. Nomadic Trails Inc.
    20. Summit Seekers

    Luxury travel agencies

    Luxury travel agencies specialize in curating once-in-a-lifetime experiences for discerning clientele seeking to indulge in opulent accommodations, elite excursions, and exclusive amenities. Their names focus on premium service, pampering, royalty motifs, and realizing travel dreams.

    Glam vocabulary evokes red-carpet excitement to attract discerning clients expecting to have dreams fulfilled in as much style as humanly possible. Whether safaris, cruises, or tropical hideaways, names display an understanding that true indulgence demands exclusivity.

    1. Elite Voyages
    2. Dream Escape Travel
    3. Luxury Retreats Unlimited
    4. Lavish Journeys
    5. Pampered Adventures
    6. Luxury Discerning Traveler
    7. Affluent Itineraries
    8. Rich Experiences Travel Network
    9. Every Whim & Desire Fulfilled
    10. Deluxe Destinations
    11. Opulent Escapes
    12. Priceless Memories Travel
    13. Spoiled Sensibly Vacations
    14. Quintessential Quests
    15. Regal Retreats
    16. Sovereign Sojourns
    17. Sumptuous Getaways
    18. Pinnacle Luxury Tours
    19. Grandeur Globetrotting
    20. Extravagance Excursions

    Family vacation names

    Family trip brands play up togetherness, comfort, and bonding moments—a different experience promised for every generation. Mentions of "family" and "multigenerational" assure clans of all shapes and sizes that joint holidays cater programming precisely for their mix of ages and interests.

    Names spotlight camaraderie while suggesting professional guidance, which means amazing activities without the collective chaos.

    1. Generation Explorers
    2. Family Footprints Journeys
    3. Kiddie Quests
    4. Child's Play Escapes
    5. Kids Luxury Travel Planners
    6. Mini Globetrotters Agency
    7. Family Trekking Adventures
    8. Clan Quest Expeditions
    9. Generations Getaway Planners
    10. Family Expedition Outfitters
    11. Multigenerational Journeys
    12. Grand Adventures Await
    13. Tots to Teens Tours
    14. Together Tales Travel
    15. Ancestral Tracks Expeditions
    16. Offspring Odysseys
    17. Heritage Holiday Makers
    18. Parent Paradise Trips
    19. United Explorers Excursions

    Honeymoon names

    Travel agencies catering to lovebirds planning once-in-a-lifetime romantic getaways often emphasize passion, luxury, and bringing couples' deepest trip dreams to life. Descriptors play up exclusivity, pampering perks, and ultimate privacy across exotic backdrops.

    Vocabulary around forever, paradise, magic, and celebrating new beginnings conveys this niche focus.

    1. Honeymooners Heaven Travel
    2. Mr & Mrs Perfect Trips
    3. Post "I Do" Adventures
    4. Just Married Journeys
    5. Wedded Bliss Vacations
    6. "You & Me" Honeymoons
    7. Two Become One Travel
    8. Matrimonial Voyages
    9. Happily Ever Expeditions
    10. Our Adventures Begin Here
    11. Where Dreams Come True Travel
    12. Lovebird Escapes
    13. Eternally Yours Vacations
    14. Desire Discovery Journeys
    15. Paradise Promises Travel Co.
    16. Eternal Embrace Excursions
    17. Blissful Beginnings Boutique Trips
    18. Moonlit Memories Getaways
    19. Romantic Rendezvous Routes

    Group tour agencies

    Similar to families, group tour operators promote community by spotlighting shared adventures and new friendships built along the journey. Highlights on group specificity in names speak to travelers prioritizing meeting interesting people from around the world just as much as the destinations themselves. It promises built-in socialization opportunities and like-minded companions. Cost savings are another opportunity to promote.

    1. Wander Together Journeys
    2. Community Expeditions
    3. Cultural Caravans
    4. Global Citizen Trips
    5. Joint Venture Travel
    6. Pack Mentality Tours
    7. Herd Voyages
    8. Flock Together Adventures
    9. Convoy Excursions
    10. Comrade Quests
    11. Wanderlust Wagon Trains
    12. United We Roam
    13. Alliance Expeditions
    14. Collective Journey Club
    15. Synergy Treks
    16. Cohort Cruises
    17. Social Sojourns
    18. Camaraderie Caravans
    19. Tribe Trails
    20. Companion Quest Adventures

    Online travel agencies

    Online travel agencies let jetsetters research and book trips fully virtually for maximum flexibility. Digital capabilities can become smart branding focus areas when naming these modern companies.

    Between sleek websites and apps that make flight browsing and hotel deals easy for busy travelers, brands highlighting tech-forward DNA set them apart. It also future-proofs them as customer priorities increasingly shift online for convenience.

    Domain-based names

    Some online agencies build right into names coming URLs so customers hear the name and instinctively add "dot com" next. For example, "GoJourneyTravel" plants site seeds subtly while remaining catchy when spoken aloud.


    Mobile-friendly names

    Other virtual companies opt for mobility-focused names without spelling out sites outright.

    11. BreezeThrough

    Travel services firms

    Some travel specialists go beyond booking trips, offering additional services that make vacations seamless for hospitality partners like tour operators and resorts. Their range of offerings influences smart naming approaches reflecting service breadth.

    Business-facing companies spotlight those functionalities more explicitly for commercial partners in travel versus consumer-geared agencies, more vague but evocative.

    Creative services names

    Some companies offer advertising or website design for travel industry partners. Names clearly calling out those creative specialties let hospitality businesses know their specific expertise.

    1. Bon Voyage Branding
    2. Pack Your Brand Consulting
    3. Journey Storytellers
    4. Travelscope Creative
    5. Quest Content Agency
    6. Trailblaze Media Productions
    7. Wanderlust Imagery
    8. Off the Map Videography
    9. Uncharted Films
    10. Far & Away Creative Studio
    11. Navigators Design Co.
    12. Odyssey Marketing Experts
    13. Passport Promotions Agency
    14. Getaway Graphics & Web
    15. Global Horizons Advertising Studio

    Concierge services

    Other firms provide nonstop travel planning and personal assistance services, especially for luxury jetsetters. Using descriptive words around high-end care lets affluent travelers know their teams handle customized trip coordination along with requests.

    1. Elite Expeditions Concierge
    2. Ultra Travel Butler Services
    3. Premier Adventure Handlers
    4. Luxury Voyage Coordinators
    5. Dream Journey Catering
    6. Pampered Travel Planners
    7. Lavish Expedition Outfitters
    8. Experience Curators
    9. Voyage Coordinators
    10. Tailor-Made Treks
    11. Summit Sojourn Services
    12. Opulent Itineraries Inc.
    13. Bespoke Voyage Architects
    14. The Platinum Itinerary
    15. Sovereign Journey Facilitators

    Transportation logistics agencies

    Logistics companies coordinate regional group transportation modes like boats or motorcoaches for vacationers. Spotlighting the transport mode itself in names lets hospitality partners recognize their niche coordination strengths.

    1. Nimble Navigator Logistics
    2. Point A to Point B Travel
    3. Smooth Journey Outfitters
    4. Easy Breezy Transfers
    5. No Hassle Transport
    6. Simply Moving Crew
    7. CareFree Voyage Mobility
    8. Lightweight Trek Transit
    9. Go-Anywhere Transit Solutions
    10. Coastal Cruiser Connections
    11. Happy Trails RV Services
    12. Overland Express Coaches
    13. SailSmooth Yacht Transport
    14. Direct Route Delivery
    15. FlyAway Aircraft Coordination
    16. Anywhere-You-Need Bus Lines
    17. SwiftMove Shuttle Services
    18. HorizonLine Boat Transfers

    Niche travel agencies

    Finally, we have companies specializing in customized trips for underserved travel groups like seniors or those with disabilities. Finding creative ways in names to call out how they uniquely cater to those demographics makes the specialty focus clear right away.

    Senior travel names

    When it comes to senior trips, customized programming suits mature travelers seeking to fulfill bucket lists in comfort.

    Names should telegraph itineraries catering to aging needs around mobility, medical necessities, and relaxation. Patrons must understand that operators structure adventures to senior preferences without compromising on authentic experiences.

    1. Silver Journeyers
    2. Golden Year Globetrotters
    3. PrimeTime Adventures
    4. Seasoned Travelers Club
    5. Explore Your Second Prime
    6. Elder Trekking Co
    7. Booming Voyages
    8. Vintage Ventures
    9. Classic Trek Planners
    10. Traditional Excursions
    11. Autumn Years Explorers
    12. Serene Sojourns
    13. Leisurely Life Tours
    14. Timeless Travel Group
    15. Wandering Wisdom Excursions

    Accessible travel names

    Meanwhile, operators serving disabled adventure-seekers highlight barrier-free trips and adaptive gear assistance in names. Handles should display an understanding that managing limitations and access should come built-in. Calling out accessibility upfront builds excitement for travelers that curated journeys align with physical and cognitive requirements from start to finish.

    1. Wheel Wanderers
    2. Barrier-Free Expeditions
    3. Accessible Adventures
    4. All-Inclusive Journeys
    5. Universal Access Treks
    6. Unbounded Voyages
    7. Limitless Travel
    8. Boundaryless Trekking Adventures
    9. Inclusive Itinerary Explorers
    10. Freedom Frontier Trips
    11. Open Horizon Tours
    12. No-Limits Exploration Co.
    13. Pathways Unrestricted
    14. Seamless Voyage Seekers
    15. Journey Without Barriers
    16. Unhindered Horizons
    17. Access Assured Adventures
    18. Pathfinders for All

    Religious tours names

    Faith-based agency names often lead with religious words such as "pilgrimage" to invite worshipers wanting not just leisure but spiritual connection through affiliated journeys.

    1. Faith Journeys
    2. Pilgrim Quests
    3. Spiritual Sojourns
    4. Sacred Site Travel
    5. Holy Voyages
    6. Divine Expeditions
    7. Glory Treasures Tours
    8. Kosher World Travel
    9. Biblical Trails
    10. Heavenly Wayfarers
    11. Saints and Cities Tours
    12. Footsteps of Jesus' Journeys
    13. Torah Trotters
    14. Christendom Cruises
    15. Spiritual Heights Expeditions
    16. Gospel Globetrotters
    17. Apostles' Passage Adventures

    Volunteer trip names

    Voluntourism operators blend phrases like "volunteer vacations" or "giving back getaways" to describe fulfilled exploration, combining humanitarian and cultural immersion.

    1. Volunteer Expeditions
    2. Goodwill Getaways
    3. Pay It Forward Treks
    4. Making a Difference Journeys
    5. Impakt Travel Adventures
    6. Compassionate Pathways
    7. Humanitarian Holiday
    8. Outreach Odysseys
    9. Service & Sightsee Excursions
    10. Charity Challenge Trips
    11. Hope Voyage
    12. Project Globe Help
    13. Cultivate Care Tours
    14. Aid Ambassador Adventures
    15. Global Giveback Gallivants

    Bottom line

    Copilot for travel agencies

    Your travel agency name sets the tone for your brand identity and specialty, so choose it wisely. Use the ideas in this article to reflect your niche, personality, passion for world travel, and growth ambitions as you bring your unique vision to life!

    Ready to bring your naming vision to operational life? Copilot offers tailored travel business tools, including billing, invoicing, client portals, and service contract templates featuring your newly defined agency name. Sign up today to get started!

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