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                    Client direct sign up

                    Let your client self-serve onboard

                    Overview copy-icon

                    Client direct sign up lets clients self-serve create accounts. Usually, we see companies do this if they want to have a Sign up button on their marketing website and want to fully automate onboarding.

                    Client direct sign up works particularly well when combined with automations to streamline client onboarding. For example, after a user self-serve signs up, you may want to send them a message, assign an onboarding form, or do something else.

                    Impact on portal authentication pages copy-icon

                    When Client direct sign up is enabled a Sign Up page is accessible on your portal. In addition, a "Don't have an account?" link shows on your Log In page that points to the Sign Up page.

                    Enable client direct sign up copy-icon

                    1. Navigate to the Settings > General page and check that Allow client user direct sign up is enabled.

                    Note that by default client direct sign up is enabled.

                    Add a sign up button on your marketing website copy-icon

                    1. If client direct sign up is enabled, on the Settings > General page you can copy a link to your portal Sign Up page. Note that if you plan to connect a custom domain, you will want to do that first as this link will update.

                    2. Add a “Sign up” button on your marketing website navbar that links to this URL.