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                    Custom fields

                    Create and track custom properties

                    Overview copy-icon

                    Custom fields let you track additional properties for clients. After you create a custom field, it is available for all clients. Custom fields are visible on the Clients page and the Client details page. 

                    Types of custom fields copy-icon



                    Phone number

                    A field for entering and storing valid phone numbers in a standardized format.


                    A field designed for capturing and validating email addresses.


                    A field for web links that are automatically verified for format.


                    A generic field for entering alphanumeric characters, commonly used for names or short descriptions.


                    A numerical input field that supports integers and decimals, ideal for quantities or monetary values.


                    A field for physical addresses, often segmented into components like street, city, and zip.


                    A field that enables categorization through single or multiple keyword entries that can be filtered or sorted.

                    Create a custom field copy-icon

                    1. Click on any client on the Clients page.

                    2. On the Client Details page, click on Add a property.

                    3. Select the type of custom field you want to create. After that, keep the default name or select a new name. This custom field is now available for all clients.

                    Update custom field values copy-icon

                    After you create a custom field it is available for all clients but the value of the custom field can be different for each client. For example, if you create a Phone number custom field, each client can have their own phone number.

                    There are two ways to update custom field values

                    • You can navigate to the Client Details page by clicking on a client on the Clients page, and then update custom field values for a particular client in the right-sidebar.

                    • You can edit custom field values directly on the Clients page. This path is convenient if you want to update custom fields for many clients.

                    Frequently Asked Questions

                    How can I update fields for multiple clients at once? copy-icon

                    To update multiple clients at once, you can use our Client Import feature.

                    Step 1: Export your clients

                    In order to update your clients, you'll need a .csv that exactly matches your current clients. Export your list of clients to a .csv by clicking Export in the top-right corner of the Clients page. This will download a file with all of your current client data and custom fields.

                    If you only want to update some clients, from a specific company or with the same email domain for example, you can use the Search button at the top to filter your clients, and after doing so the Export button will export only the clients you have searched for.

                    Step 2: Edit your client fields

                    Once you've exported the clients you wish to update, open the exported file in Google Sheets, Numbers, Excel, or other spreadsheet editor of your choice. Then, make changes and/or add values to fields you want to update.

                    Note: We use emails as the identifiers for clients, so you will not be able to make changes to the client email. If you change this field, a new client will be created for the new email address. Any changes to email addresses must be made by the client themselves.

                    Once you've made the changes to your client fields, export or download the updated document in .csv format.

                    Step 3: Import your changes

                    To add the updates to Copilot, go to the Clients page and click the +New Client button in the top-right and select Import many clients. Upload your file in the Import step.

                    In the Match step, all of the fields should be matched, except for Status and Creation date. Click Ignore column for both of these fields, and then click Next in the top right.

                    In the Preview step, you should not see any new clients (unless you have added new clients to the spreadsheet). Click on the Updated clients tab to preview the updates.

                    If everything looks correct, click Import only in the top-right.

                    You will be taken back to your Clients page and a message should appear at the bottom that your changes were imported successfully. Refresh the page to see the updated fields.