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Custom fields

Create and track custom properties


Custom fields let you track additional properties for clients. After you create a custom field, it is available for all clients. Custom fields are visible on the Clients page and the Client details page. 

Types of custom fields



Phone number

A field for entering and storing valid phone numbers in a standardized format.


A field designed for capturing and validating email addresses.


A field for web links that are automatically verified for format.


A generic field for entering alphanumeric characters, commonly used for names or short descriptions.


A numerical input field that supports integers and decimals, ideal for quantities or monetary values.


A field for physical addresses, often segmented into components like street, city, and zip.


A field that enables categorization through single or multiple keyword entries that can be filtered or sorted.

Create a custom field

  1. Click on any client on the Clients page.

  2. On the Client Details page, click on Add a property.

  3. Select the type of custom field you want to create. After that, keep the default name or select a new name. This custom field is now available for all clients.

Update custom field values

After you create a custom field it is available for all clients but the value of the custom field can be different for each client. For example, if you create a Phone number custom field, each client can have their own phone number.

There are two ways to update custom field values

  • You can navigate to the Client Details page by clicking on a client on the Clients page, and then update custom field values for a particular client in the right-sidebar.

  • You can edit custom field values directly on the Clients page. This path is convenient if you want to update custom fields for many clients.