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Create clients one at a time

The most popular way to create clients is one at a time


The simplest way to add a client is to create them on the Clients page. After you create a client, you can invite them immediately or choose to delay inviting them. If you delay inviting them, the client will be in a Not invited status, which can be helpful if you first want to set up the client profile and take actions like upload files, assign forms, etc. While a client is in Not invited status, they will not receive any email notifications.

Create a client

  1. Navigate to the Clients page.

  2. Click on New client and then Create one client.

  3. Enter the client’s information. Companies (if enabled) are optional.

  4. Click on Create.

Invite a client

  1. After you create a client, you’ll see the invite modal.

  2. Here you can take one of three actions:

    1. To share the invite link with a client manually, copy the invite link and close the modal.

    2. To send an email invite, click on Send email invite.

    3. To delay inviting the client, click on Close. You can invite the client later from the Clients page.