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Help and tutorials

Best resources to learn more about Copilot and get in touch


Slack community

Join our Slack community to meet other Copilot users and our team, ask questions, provide feedback on upcoming features, and more. Our community is the best place to stay updated about beta releases and new features.

X (formerly Twitter)

Follow us on X for real-time product updates, customer spotlights, and a front-row seat to Copilot's journey.

Launchpad early access program

Our early-access program is called Launchpad. If you're part of the program we will auto-enroll you in new beta features. You can learn more about Launchpad features on the program page. To enroll, ensure you're on a paid plan and DM one of our team members in our Slack community.

Learning Copilot


Our changelog is the best way to stay updated about the latest releases. We also do email announcements every few months with major highlights, but the changelog will be the best way to stay updated about everything we're releasing.

Copilot University

If you prefer to learn about Copilot with videos, we have a collection of video tutorials on the Copilot University page.

Developer documentation

Read our API docs to understand how to use our REST API, webhooks, and how to create Custom Apps.

Zapier and Make

Explore no-code automations on Zapier and Make. We generally try to keep Zapier and Make updated with our API, but there is often a 1-4 week delay.

Contact us

Contact support

The best way to contact support is to click on Help Center on the sidebar and select Contact Support. By contacting us that way, we can automatically verify your identity and receive account-specific information which leads to faster response times.

Contact sales

To contact sales, submit this form